Deadly delicacies: Here's where you can have a taste of fugu

Season of the fugu

Deadly delicacies: Here's where you can have a taste of fugu
Savour the exquisite flavour of Japan’s famed delicacy with Mikuni’s eight-course fugu tasting menu

A thrilling gastronomical adventure awaits you at Mikuni, the Fairmont Singapore's premier Japanese dining restaurant, as they usher in the winter season with a sumptuous fugu menu that will tingle your tastebuds (in a strictly non-toxic way, of course). Featuring an eight-course lineup that utilises the famed pufferfish delicacy in creative methods, Mikuni's fugu grand tasting menu is the ultimate globefish galore to partake in.

Mikuni Grand Fugu Tasting Menu

For those unfamiliar with the term 'fugu', this particular fish is more commonly known as globefish or pufferfish and is notorious for its tetrodotoxin, a lethal poison that can kill if the fugu is incorrectly prepared. But fear not; under the expert hands of Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo and his skilled team, you can indulge in the finest of fugu without fearing for your life. Standout dishes on the menu include the cold appetiser of Globefish Skin Jelly with Miso and Fugu Mirin Boshi. The dish comprises fugu broth, shredded fugu skin and miso that's set into a gelatinous state to capture the essence of the globefish. Paired with a fugu sushi ball topped by Japanese plum sauce and caviar-sprinkled tuna belly sitting upon a piece of sundried fugu, this first dish will whet your appetite with its masterfully blended flavours.

Mikuni Grand Fugu Tasting Menu

Following the starter is a delicious mouthful of lightly-seared globefish wraps accompanied by seasonal Japanese mini cabbage and miso barley. Here, you'll get a taste of Tora Fugu, a premium species of fugu hailing from Japan's Yamaguchi prefecture. 

Diners can also look forward to interacting with their food as Mikuni serves up their Globefish Sashimi alongside baby leeks and delicate strips of fugu skin. You roll these ingredients together within the sashimi slices before dipping the parcel into ponzu sauce.

In a seamless balance of modern and classic Japanese culinary techniques that reintroduces the globefish with new seasonings and innovate platings, Mikuni is the place to be for a fugu feast both foodies and fugu-virgins alike will relish.

Mikuni's eight-course Fugu Grand Tasting menu is available from now till end of January 2016. Tel: 6431 6156.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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