Mid-Autumn Festival 2016: Newfangled mooncakes to try

Mid-Autumn Festival 2016: Newfangled mooncakes to try

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Text: Jessica Zheng

From chendol to sake, this season brings with it a riot of flavours you would never expect to find within the humble mooncake

With the Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching, there's no better time than now to start your search for the city's best mooncakes. While traditional mooncakes still reign as the de facto treat of the season, hotels and restaurants continue to impress with newfangled creations. Below, new and unexpected flavour combinations to discover. 

Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore


Shang Palace is sweetening this year’s Mid-Autumn lineup with its new honey chocolate mooncake collection incorporating leatherwood honey from the Tasmania rainforest. Each honey chocolate mooncake is infused with a rich honey filling tucked under a delicate chocolate shell. The collection features four flavours — dark chocolate, milk chocolate and salted toffee, white chocolate passion fruit with mango, and roasted Sicilian pistachio. In addition to the chocolate mooncakes, Shang Palace has added three more flavours to their collection of baked mooncakes, including lychee with rose, low-sugar lotus paste with Macadamia nuts, and mocha with Hokkaido milk. 

Available at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore 

Goodwood Park Hotel


Known for their durian mooncakes, Goodwood Park Hotel is introducing three new snowskin flavours this year to jazz up the Mid-Autumn festivities. The new entrants to their snowskin selection include yuzu lychee, dark chocolate crunchy hazelnut, and gin pineapple. Goodwood Park Hotel has also refreshed their packaging with elegant and poetic oriental illustrations, making the mooncake box itself a great festive addition to the dinner table. 

Available at Goodwood Park Hotel

InterContinental Singapore


Fancy tucking into snowskin mooncakes that include flavours such as yuzu citrus, sakura peach, creamy avocado, and sea salt caramel? Each of these mooncakes are also filled with such delectable surprises as pistachio, chocolate pearls, and chocolate truffle. Feeling adventurous? Go for its signature snowskin Mao Shan Wang durian mooncake to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in true Singaporean style. Packaged in a pastel-coloured treasure chest adorned with mini golden knobs, this is easily one of the most charming mooncake boxes we've seen this season. 

Available at InterContinental Singapore

Raffles Hotel Singapore


Their champagne truffle and ganache snowskin mooncakes might be a perennial favourite, but brandy lovers are in for a treat as well with the hotel's cognac truffle snowskin mooncake. There's aromatic Earl Grey tea and dark chocolate mooncakes to savour too, but the newcomer, a peanut butter milk chocolate feuilletine snowskin mooncake, will have you revisiting some familiar flavours from your childhood. 

Available at Raffles Hotel Singapore 

Summer Palace, Regent Singapore


Looking for unique box of mooncakes that's perfect for gifting? Consider the one from Regent Singapore, that entices with an elegant carry-and-go mooncake box which expands into a Chinese chessboard. Inside, you'll find two new snowskin mooncakes inspired by local desserts: Chendol with white chocolate, and momordica fruit with longan. Seeking something a little more indulgent? Go for the luxurious snowskin mooncake with bird’s nest and custard.

Available at Regent Singapore



Warm reunions, delectable mooncakes, and fine tea form the cornerstones of the Mid-Autumn Festival. To that end, TWG Tea is rising to the occasion with five new exquisite flavours. Each mooncake paste is infused with different signature tea blends and thoughtfully paired with complementary fillings. The Red Ruby mooncake, for example, features green tea-infused lotus paste body studded with lemon zest and dried mango chunks. Hidden within this not-so-traditional mooncake is a kaffir lime and almond paste heart.

Available at TWG Tea, Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore


Trust the chefs over at the Grand Hyatt Singapore to turn out a strawberry snowskin mooncake harbouring a lime tequila truffle heart. On the boozy front, they've also rolled out a matcha-infused lotus paste snowskin mooncake filled with sake truffle. These adult-only treats come packaged in a box that bucks tradition with a decidedly modern skin. Think an eye-catching rainbow lid touched with accents of rose gold. 

Available at Grand Hyatt Singapore

Crystal Jade


Packed in a nostalgic red box and adorned with an elegant peony, Crystal Jade is celebrating this year’s Mid-Autumn festival with four new snowskin mooncakes: Chlorella (yes, that's a superfood right there) with crunchy melon seeds, tropical lychee with pine nuts, blueberry with cashew nuts, and white lotus paste with roasted macadamia nuts. Aside from these new flavours, Crystal Jade has also added low-sugar options to their classic offerings of traditional baked mooncakes.

Available at all Crystal Jade outlets