Meet TiNDLE: the plant-based chicken developed with chefs, for chefs

Meet TiNDLE: the plant-based chicken developed with chefs, for chefs

Beyond chicken

Text: Jeway Tan

Image: TiNDLE

Let's face it: plant-based meats are amongst us, as they are very much likely to be the future. Joining the likes of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, is TiNDLE — "chicken" made from plants. Founded by a Singapore-based plant-based food tech company, Next Gen Foods, this invention is made out of nine essential ingredients, with the core falling on water, soy, sunflower oil, and coconut fat. And as far as how legitimate the experience of mock chicken goes, TiNDLE comes pretty close.

Their mission isn't to stop the world from eating meat, but rather to provide a sustainable option for people to ease into food alternatives, as well as to provide the same touchpoints that people love about chicken. Especially if it turns out to be the healthier choice. With simple non-GMO and non-Novel ingredients, TiNDLE contains 17g of protein per 100g, no cholesterol, no sugars, and no trans-far. It is also hormone and antibiotics-free.

With a lesser pool of saturated fat and sodium than other meat alternatives out there in the market, TiNDLE is certified by Singapore's health promotion board as a healthier choice option. On the environmental front, the production of TiNDLE uses 74% less land, 82% less water and produces 88% less greenhouse gas emission as compared to actual traditional chicken.


Another bragging right? TiNDLE was developed for chefs with help from chefs. "We started with chefs because they are arguably the toughest critics — and for a good reason!" commented CMO of Next Gen Foods, Jean Madden. "We're confident that TiNDLE is the only plant-based chicken that is versatile enough to be used across a multitude of cuisines and dishes. If chefs are happy with TiNDLE, then we're very sure customers will be too."


With this plant-based chicken launch, Next Gen Food has partnered up with 11 amazing F&B brands to exclusively launch TiNDLE. These F&B brands are Three Buns, Privé, Bayswater Kitchen, Empress, The Goodburger, ADDA, Love Handle Burgers, Sunny Slices, The Market Grill, 28 Hong Kong Street and Levant.

At Three Buns, we got to try a few of their creations whipped up by chef Penney. First thing first, crispy TiNDLE bites with smokey BBQ sauce — topped with pickled chilli, scallions, bawang goreng, toasted nori, parmesan and sesame seeds. Keeping in line with the texture of a chicken, the "meat" was juicy and tender. A great appetiser that opened our taste buds and got them ready for the next dish — To Russia With Love. A burger made with breadcrumbed TiNDLE, stuffed with roasted garlic, miso and parsley butter, added with pickled onion, truffle aioli and lettuce in a toasted demi brioche bun. Almost like a lava cake, but with plenty of umami.


There was also The Big Cease, another burger stacked with Buttermilk TiNDLE, shaved parmesan, lettuce, and anchovy mayonnaise. The "chicken" in this burger was something you wouldn't mind just eating alone. Seasoned and fried to perfection, it's the perfect mix of crispy and tender. And last but certainly not least, the Gong Bao Style TiNDLE, pan-fried with toasted cashews, ginger, scallions, Szechuan pepper and chilli, served with fragrant jasmine rice. Made and tasted just like the local favourite Gong Bao Chicken, this dish held its end with spice and rich flavour.

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