Man Man Unagi and Tendon Kohaku collaborate in a brand new concept in Clarke Quay Central

Man Man Unagi and Tendon Kohaku collaborate in a brand new concept in Clarke Quay Central

Two worlds collide

Text: Janice Sim

We might be creatures of habit; but if there's anything that the snaking queues outside Man Man Unagi and Tendon Kohaku imply, it's certainly not because we have a default appetite for a 45-minute waiting time in less than palatial conditions. We do it to satisfy that aching craving that only these prime spots can soothe. Because, it's Singapore — and we know we have other options where we can get a table in a jiffy.

Tendon Kohaku

Of course, they are but the best fast-casual restaurants in their individual fields, which happens to either be a slab of charcoal-grilled eel or crispy tempura encasing a medley of fresh produce. Poke and prod around your network, and you'll hear that they're the top of the class.

Now, there is no 'or' but rather, the cult following of both establishments will be able to enjoy the two greats in a single seating, under a shared roof of their new collaborative concept in Clarke Quay Central.

Besides picking off each other's trays, this new outlet offers exclusive items, that have been specially created for the branch. If you're Team Tendon, you'll find your kaisen tendon bowl spruced with a generous spread of assorted sashimi cubes, courtesy of chef Teppei Yamashita (who helms Teppei Japanese restaurant and Man Man Unagi). Those who came for the eels can tuck into a jumbo serving of unagi tendon.

Kaisen tendon

If you're more of a purist, order the Kaisen x Hitsumabushi by Teppei and Man Man. Think thick slabs of premium Japanese eel, doused in a moreish unagi sauce, and paired with Tsuyahime rice and fresh wasabi. But that's just one half of the bowl — the other involves a pretty bed of fresh raw fish.

Kaisen Unagi Man Man

Something tells us it wouldn't take too long before this 80-seater receives a consistent horde of hungry customers. We know this because we're probably going to be part of the equation.

The new collaborative dining concept by Tendon Kohaku and Man Man Unagi is set to open sometime in the month of July.
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Clarke Quay Central #B1-52 and #B1-53
Opening hours: 11.30am-4pm, 5pm-10pm

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