The Macallan’s latest collaboration proves whisky is more than just a drink in a glass

The Macallan’s latest collaboration proves whisky is more than just a drink in a glass

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Text: Janice Sim

It definitely gets better with age

Ever had a sip of an aged whisky and wished time could just stand still? As with most good things that unfortunately come to an end, we often yearn for that spectacular moment, feeling, or occurence to last forever. That passing thought ended up sparking a concept birthed by renowed fashion photographer Steven Klein and The Macallan, as part of the whisky group's ongoing creative series titled Masters Of Photography.

"We wanted to suspend time, to stall the beautiful moment where we enjoy a glass of Macallan," said Ken Grier, creative director of The Macallan.

Steven Klein The Macallan collaboration

Klein, who had notably shot music videos for name-droppers like Madonna and Lady Gaga, created a short film to encapsulate the collaboration, which took six months from start till finish. In the film, Klein screens various still shots of models decked out in dapper Thom Browne wear, while detailing the whisky they're holding in their hands. He adds, "My intention was to examine a world standing still through a moving camera. With the consumption of alcohol, there is always an abundance of movement. I thought, 'What if time stopped for a moment and I could take a closer look at it?'"

Through the film, a limited-edition black cask was unveiled — one that emulated Klein's masterpiece. Think citrusy notes with a tinge of smoky, sweet, and unexpected notes like cinnamon, ginger and even dark chocolate.

For a label that is a long-standing industry player, The Macallan certainly isn't one to be complacent nor predictable. Their creative collaboration with Klein marks the sixth edition of Masters Of Photography and we can definitely expect more to keep rolling through. "We're looking at what millennials would want and it's about the experiences. The Macallan whisky is a fine evolution that you can get, like a solid timepiece, but as the consumer evolves, we have to be humble and know that we can always do better. We can use new crafts, new efforts, new ideas to make the whisky better and more consistent," says Grier.

At the end of the day, The Macallan might be an acclaimed brand that has more than a hundred years on them but their aspiring vision and where they're heading towards, is far from anything ancient. We will definitely drink to that.