MACA opens at Tanglin Post Office

MACA opens at Tanglin Post Office

Contemporary flair

Text: Denise Kok

Image: MACA

As far as the dining scene in Singapore goes, industrial-chic interiors never seem to get old. The latest restaurant to play on this crowd-pleasing combination of unfinished concrete and marble is MACA, a modern European restaurant that has opened its doors at Tanglin Post Office. Taking over the space where Feedlot Steakhouse Bar & Grill used to be, the new kid on the block has cleaned up the interiors real good. Gone are the dark, moody environs of its predecessor. Fitted with floor-to-ceiling glass panels that let in plenty of light, the place has brightened up considerably — all the better to see the food with. 


The artful plates coming out of the kitchen are prepared by Head Chef Rishi Naleendra who has sharpened his knives at Tetsuya's Sydney and Yellow by Brent Savage. Here, he has built a modern European menu celebrating the freshness of ingredients. With such premium cuts as Japanese Matsusaka beef on the menu, Naleendra certainly has the advantage of provenance to lean on. Above all, the contemporary flair of Naleendra's dishes sing through his inspired combination of ingredients. There's prawn ceviche accented with kombu and buttermilk while chargrilled baby octopus gets an umami lift with smoked miso.

While there's a selection of wine and cocktails to choose from, Japan features strongly on the bar menu. There's Suntory on tap — a perfect balm to the sweltering heat — and premium sakes to look forward to.

MACA is currently open for dinner only. Their lunch menu is slated to kick-off in mid July. #B1 - 01 Tanglin Post Office, 56 Tanglin Road. Tel: 6463 8080