Luxe adds new dishes to its brunch menu

Luxe adds new dishes to its brunch menu

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Text: Adibah Isa

Health nuts, listen up: The ever-trendy Luxe will make you go ga-ga for granola, quinoa pudding, and more

We've raved about their pandan madeleines and hosted our girl-crushes Yvette King and Angeline Tan for brunch. Luxe just knows how to keep us coming back for more — this time, it's with an update to their popular brunch menu. It's available all day, so you can enjoy brunch at your leisure. You might have already seen their drool-worthy Instagram posts, featuring beautiful flat lays of dishes as well as a smattering of its ingredients. 

Luxe Singapore brunch

If you're not already familiar with this trendy spot, here's an introduction. Originally from Sydney, this Singapore outpost is the Luxe brand's first restaurant outlet, with a kitchen helmed by head chef and creative director Chui Lee Luk. It's a homecoming for Chui, who was born here and raised in Sabah and Sydney. While her culinary identity is undoubtedly Australian, she's an Asian sensation at heart who understands the quality of seasonal local produce, adopting tropical ingredients into her brunch staples.

Luxe Singapore quinoa and chia seed pudding

Take the quinoa and chia seed pudding, for instance. Luxe has upgraded their former chia seed pudding with additions of quinoa and seasonal fruit in the mix. Yes, quinoa might be last year's super grain, but it still packs a healthy punch, giving the creamy pudding more bite. The sweet, seedy flesh of dragon fruit refreshes each mouthful as well.

Luxe Singapore Granola

Luxe has also updated their previous granola offerings. Now served with blood orange and pomegranate seeds, it's a wholesome start to the day. Unlike the cardboard-tasting clumps of store-bought granola, their in-house version is prepared with a host of spices and honey for a tasty, toasty crunch. With shades of crimson, maple and amber, it's pretty much a milky autumn in a bowl.

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