Lady M's all-new charcoal mille crepes are hiding a secret flavour within

Lady M's all-new charcoal mille crepes are hiding a secret flavour within

The dark side

Text: Janice Sim

Lady M's latest seasonal flavour is a mystery waiting to be solved

We have been well acquainted with the pristine New York confectionery that is Lady M — re: beloved crepe cakes that always seem to be clean and polished. Well, at least until their latest creation unveiled a darker, grimier side.

Named Charcoal Mille Crepes, the dusty black cake is encased with bamboo charcoal infused handmade crepes and coated with a pastry cream witholding a mystery key ingredient.

Lady M Charcoal Mille Crepe

So for the first time ever, Lady M is keeping mum about its seasonal cake flavour. What else can we divulge? The cake is topped with a buttery black glaze and crunchy cacao nibs.

Little do we know, that the speculation of the brand's unexpected dark side intends to bring about the importance of scent. By disguising under a seemingly neutral black façade, the idea is for customers to explore how scent and sight can lead to a different perception of flavour. In line with the first-of-its-kind launch, a mini sensorial acitvity and installation will be displayed at all Lady M boutiques.

It's where you can discover the secretive flavour for yourself, while tucking into your very own slice of the black crepe cake. Our lips are sealed, for now. 

The Charcoal Mille Crepes are now available in stores and online