Kusmi Tea arrives in Singapore

Kusmi Tea arrives in Singapore

Sip on it

Text: Amanda Marks

You no longer have to fly to Paris for your regular haul

Enjoying a cup of tea can mean many things to different people — for some, it's a quick energizer at the start of the day; but for others, it serves as a languid way to unwind to soft music before they go to bed. There's that quiet magic in a tea bag, and more often than not, one that we take for granted. Needless to say, we were excited to hear that Kusmi Tea has landed in Singapore. With 150 years of developing idyllic concoctions, this Parisian brand with Russian roots has finally opened its doors here to help us find what we need in our busy lives. Housed in a delicate corn-fibre muslin bag, these various tea blends are set to revitalise, relax, or please our senses.

From wellness blends, to classic green and black teas in aromas such as citrus fruits, and infusions of chocolate and vanilla, Kusmi Tea employs only the freshest ingredients from leaf-producing countries such as China, India, and Sri Lanka to satisfy your cravings. With over 90 different blends and designs of all shapes, sizes, and colours, you'll easily find your match made in heaven — if you're able to understand exactly what you want. Our favourite? Anastasia, a beautiful earl grey for rainy mornings, and the Blue Detox, an exotic blend of maté, green tea, and rooibos for a post-dinner cleanse.

Kusmi Tea is available at B1, Takashimaya Department Store.