IWA X Candlenut tasting experience

IWA X Candlenut tasting experience

Bottoms up

Text: Eunice Sng

Editor: Rahat Kapur

Level up your home bar experience with the ultimate unexpected companion: sake

Last week, we told you everything you needed to know about IWA Sake and their one-of-a-kind IWA 5. This week, we have an exclusive Buro. deal for you.

The COMO Group – formerly known as Club 21 – will be bringing an exclusive tasting experience right to your doorstep by presenting a collaboration with IWA Sake and Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut, which has been nominated for the Top 100 Asia's Best Restaurant.

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Although it is a norm to pair sake with sashimi and sushi, the Japanese alcohol is very versatile and goes well with other cuisines from around the world. The recently launched IWA 5 is a specially blended sake that has a unique flavour profile across a 50-temperature range.

Creating the menu of Peranakan dishes to go along with the sake was a "fun and interesting" opportunity for chef Malcolm Lee, owner of Candlenut: "It was my first time pairing sake with my food and to my surprise, it really pairs well and I am excited to share this pairing with the public as it would surprise them as much as it did to me."

This partnership aims to showcase the synergy of IWA 5 and the delectable Peranakan food that Singaporeans enjoy. The menu will consist of a Candlenut signature blue swimmer crab curry, gula melaka kerisik pork, Westholme wagyu beef rendang, and ngoh hiang.

Yes, we know that the idea may be unorthodox but that is exactly what the COMO Group is trying to – from fashion to food, luxury, holidays to rock shows, they want to mashup all of these experiences with one another to expand horizons.

Now you're probably wondering: How can we order this amazing offering? Simply click the link below and key in your order – this is an exclusive deal that is only for Buro. readers till the end of July. So, what are you waiting for? Dig in and drink your fill, before it's too late.

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It's homemade cocktail season. With at least two weeks still left in Circuit Breaker Lite, many of us have embraced our inner mixologist and experimented with ingredients galore, creating concoctions both delicious and dangerous.

But now, it's time to elevate your lockdown booze experience with an often forgotten bar buddy: sake.

We've all seen it on the menu at our favourite sushi places or that fancy Japanese place our friends make us go to, but if you're new to sake (or fermented rice wine), it's a classic and potent alcohol that has been enjoyed by the people of Japan as their national drink since the eight century. A craft in itself requiring endlessly perfection, sake is created through a sophisticated, age-old, manual process whereby the rice is polished, washed, soaked, steamed, cooled, inverted, mashed, fermented, pressed - resulting in the miraculous transmutation of solid into liquid and cereal into alcohol.

And much like whisky, wine, gin or vodka, there are endless varieties of Sake from Juyondai to Dassai to Densu to Hakkaisan being the most popular amongst both the Japanese and wider Asian markets. If you look to pop-culture, it'll have you believe sake is more of a 'night-out-on-the-town' type of beverage, enjoyed best in Chinatown alongside a plate of sizzling meat and inevitably, the humble rice wine often gets missed as a home bar companion. But much like the aforementioned alcohols above from whisky to vermouth, sake too can be drank at a much more premium, luxury and elevated level — even in the home.

Launched recently by Richard Geoffroy, the fifth chef de cave for Dom Pérignon Champagne who charted the course of the legendary bubbles for over twenty-eight years, IWA 5 sake hit Singaporean shores in late 2020, much to the delight of enthusiasts island-wide. Since its release, it's slowly become the premium sake of choice amongst discerning drinkers eager to test the boundaries of experimentation in

Geoffroy who has been an avid traveller and a passionate aficionado on all things Japan since 1991, was inspired to set up the brewery in Tateyama in the Toyama Prefecture after being inspired by the craftsmanship of Sake and tasting the drink during his frequent visits. Combining his expertise and mastery across the luxury champagne sector with a penchant for experimentation, IWA 5 was born in partnership with Ryuichiro Masuda — a family-owned sake brewery titled Masuda Shuzo, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma who created the brewery and Australian designer Marc Newson (famous for his edgeless designs across aircraft, cabin and furniture) who designed the unique, slick black bottle.

As for the sake itself — it's a delight. Combining the rich blending techniques honed during his tenure in the world of champagne, Geoffroy brings together a distinctive flavour so light to the tongue, you'll be cups deep before you realise how many you've had. Aside from its unique founder, IWA 5 also garners its name from the five different yeast strains used to produce the liquid as well as three rice varieties Omachi, Gohyakumanoku and Yamada Nishiki. The result is a subtle, sweet plum-like essence with tangs of almond, orange and butter, silky smooth with every sip.

Starting from $208 a bottle, it may seem a little pricey for the punch, but it's a luxe experience for a reason. Besides, it's lockdown anyway, #YOLO.

You can buy IWA 5 here.