Impossible Foods lands in Singapore: Available at Park Bench Deli, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Potato Head Singapore and more

Impossible Foods lands in Singapore: Available at Park Bench Deli, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Potato Head Singapore and more

Yay or nay

Text: Janice Sim

We're not going to say Vegan Burg foreshadowed this day, but clearly the humble fast food outlet had a good feeling about plant-based meats before the rest of us did. While some of us laughed and stuck our noses up at the idea of mock meat, an empire in the States was already shaping up well.

So it's happening — United States start-up Impossible Foods has announced its arrival on our shores — head on into eight of Singapore's well-loved restaurants and eateries. Touted as the future's food, Impossible Foods got their bragging rights from having produced mock meat that tastes meatier than real meat. The product isn't just gluten-free but free of animal hormones, antibiotics and also, halal and kosher certified. On top of all that, it's sustainable. In other words, it's the perfect meat. 

But what about protein? Well you won't be missing that. Scientists at Impossible Foods have genetically engineered and fermented yeast to produce a heme protein (called soy leghemoglobin), naturally found in plants. This is the same heme that results in an explosion of flavours when actual meat is cooked. We're guessing that's the magical ingredient, which Impossible Foods is cashing in on its meaty taste profile.

Impossible Foods Singapore

Undoubtedly, the demand for vegan foods have rapidly increased with the fleeting years. Whether it be for health reasons, personal beliefs or even for the noble fantasy of saving the world, more restaurants are debuting plant-based menus to sate the hungry hoard of anti-meat activists.

So yes, we're excited. But are we that crazed to pay $27 for a burger packed with fake meat? The jury is still out on that.

Below, we list the star-studded line-up of restaurants where you can get your first taste of Impossible Meats.  

1. Park Bench Deli

What to expect: An epic sandwich called the Impossible Patty Melt, which will replace the shack's existing Patty Melt which is made from ground beef from cows.

Impossible Foods Singapore

2. Potato Head Singapore and Three Buns Quayside

What to expect: Brand new burgers called The Impossible Dream and Impossible Chedda.

3. Adrift by David Myers

What to expect: A juicy plant-based sausage roll.

Impossible Foods Singapore

4. CUT by Wolfgang Puck

What to expect: A remake of the iconic mini beef sliders — vegan ones of course. 

5.  Bread Street Kitchen

What to expect: An Impossible flatbread and burger. Diners can also choose to have a vegan patty added to their salads.

6. Privé Orchard  

What to expect: Impossible meatballs spaghetti, satay slides and a cheeseburger to boot.

8. Empress

What to expect: Impossible crispy pancake with chives, gyozas, Sichuan mapo tofu with mock meat. Basically, Chinese grub sans the pork and beef. 

Impossible Foods Singapore

Impossible Foods will officially launch in all eight restaurants on 7 March.