How to make Vietnamese rice paper rolls

How to make Vietnamese rice paper rolls


Text: Janice Sim

A myriad of flavours intertwined in a paper-thin roll

When your stomach craves something that's light, aromatic and spicy all at the same time, going Vietnamese might be your best bet. Their classic rice paper rolls are known to serve up an enticing filling (whether you prefer chicken, pork or beef) encased in a paper-thin, chewy wrap. Before you know it, you're on your third roll. This weekend, don't take the easy route of locating the nearest Viet eatery but instead, have a little fun making your very own at home. This recipe from executive chef Kantha Chookia at River Wok weaves in an addictive rice cracker topping, just to give your rice paper rolls the perfect crunch. 

Note: Make minced chicken and rice cracker before starting on the rice paper rolls
Serves 4

Minced chicken: Here's what you need

120g Minced Chicken
½ tspn Ginger
½ tspn Galangal
½ tspn Shallots
1 tspn Spring Onions
½ tspn Coriander
½ tspn Saw Leaf Herb
½ tspn Mint Leaf
½ tspn Chicken Powder
½ tspn Sugar

Minced chicken: How to make it

1. Put the above in half a bowl of water and heat over slow fire until it's cooked. Set it aside.

Crispy rice cracker: Here's what you need

1 tspn Red Curry Paste
3 tbspn Grated Coconut
2 Kaffir Lime Leaves
1 bowl of Steamed Rice
1 tbspn Shallot
1 tbspn Lemongrass
Cooking oil

Crispy rice cracker: How to make it

1. Mix it all together and deep fry till golden brown.
2. Place them in a mixing bowl with the minced chicken. 

Minced chicken rice paper rolls: Here's what you need

Minced Chicken Rice Cracker Mix
Vietnamese Rice Paper
½ tspn Fish Sauce
5g Roasted Rice Powder
¼ Roasted Chilli Powder
½ tpsn Lime Juice
Chinese Lettuce

Minced chicken rice paper rolls: How to make it

1. Add the fish sauce, rice powder, chilli powder and lime juice to the minced chicken mix. 
2. Get half of the rice paper after soaking in water and place it on a cutting board.
3. Take a lettuce leave and place them on the rice paper. Add the mixed ingredients and roll into a cone shape.  

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