How to make the TikTok pasta with feta and tomatoes

How to make the TikTok pasta with feta and tomatoes

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Text: Jeway Tan

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Love it or hate it, you can't deny the wonders of TikTok. Some can argue it's an all-knowing realm where you can score tips and tricks that you can't pick up in a textbook — and these are supposedly generated from a growing pool of Gen-Zs...

One of these life hacks happen to be a viral pasta, that has exploded on everyone's For You page. A feta tomato pasta that's said to be effortless for any cooking novice while reaping a delicious return.

First posted by TikTok user Jenni Häyrinen, the dish became viral due to its unbelievably simple recipe that only consists of a few ingredients. Dubbed the TikTok pasta, the original name of this feta pasta is uunifetapasta. The recipe proceeded to gain popularity from a cooking user, Cooking with Ayeh, which has garnered over 11 million views to date. Apparently, it was so coveted, it was reported that the dish had caused a shortage of feta cheese at grocery stores in Finland.

TikTok pasta

While skimming through countless feta pasta TikToks, you may realise that no one really gave the ingredients' exact measurements. This recipe is literally something that you can just estimate the amount of what you need, with the ingredients of cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, basil, chilli flakes if you desire, any kind of pasta you want, and most importantly, feta cheese. Well, consider us intrigued. Here's how our version fared:

All you need to do is pour the cherry tomatoes into a ceramic dish and season it with olive oil, salt, pepper and chopped garlic. After that, place the feta cheese into the middle and top it with a little more olive oil, chilli flakes, and basil. Pop it into the oven or if you don't own one, an air fryer for 20-25 mins at 180-200°C. While that's baking, start cooking your pasta in salt water. Make sure you save a couple of tablespoons of pasta water for later. Once the feta and tomatoes are ready, mash it all up, then mix it with your pasta, while throwing in some of that pasta water to finish.

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As idiot-proof as it is, this pasta is appetising and flavourful. Depending on your tomatoes, it could take on a sour tang, but that's one thing that makes it unique. Even with the feta, it wasn't overtly creamy or cheesy, especially with the tomatoes and pepper flakes present to counter all that. Total time? Under 30 minutes to whip this bad boy. Guess we have the TikTok gods to thank this for.

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