How to make a sashimi pomelo salad

How to make a sashimi pomelo salad


Text: Janice Sim

The solution to powering through lazy humid afternoons

A humid sweltering afternoon at home (which honestly sounds just like every other day on our tropical island) calls for a refreshing yet healthy lunch alternative. We're talking nothing piping hot or too heavy, like a fresh salad. This recipe from Verde Kitchen features fresh salmon sashimi slices, pomelo, vegetables, and even a dose of yuzu juice for that zingy punch against the raw fish. That's definitely one delicious way to combat the heat. 

Serves 1

Salmon sashimi pomelo salad: Here's what you need

80g Fresh Salmon Sashimi, sliced
20g Pomelo, bite-sized chunks
10g Green Capsicum, sliced
10g Red Capsicum, sliced
10g Yellow Capsium, sliced
20g White Radish, sliced
15g Red Radish, sliced
20g Red Cabbage, sliced
20g Carrot, sliced
10g Chuka Wakame
2g Black & White Sesame Seeds
5g Sesame Oil
8g Oyster Sauce
5g Soya Sauce
5g Yuzu Juice
10g Olive Oil

Salmon sashimi pomelo salad: How to make it

1. Prepare and slice all the salad ingredients, except the sauces and set aside.
2. Prepare the sauces for the salad dressing and mix well.
3. In a mixing bowl, add all of the salad ingredients including the black and white sesame seeds. Pour in the salad dressing, mix and toss the salad. Ready to serve. 

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