How to make pan-seared skate wings with a mustard and tarragon dressing

How to make pan-seared skate wings with a mustard and tarragon dressing

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Text: Corinne Cheah

Forget your usual fish choices of salmon, trout and sea bass. The lesser-known skate deserves to make the list of your fish choices with its moist mouth-feel and tasty flavour. The flounder and stingray cross-over is best cooked and served pan-seared — as done by hama hama, a seafood and oyster bar in habitat by honestbee. Pair that with a creamy mustard and tarragon dressing alongside crispy shredded hash, we've got a winner fin dish here.  

Skate Wings: Here's what you need 

130g Skate Wings 
50g Australian Leek
20g Petit Pois
Chicken Stock
10g Shredded Hash (garnish)
Chopped Chives (garnish)
A handful of All-Purpose Flour seasoned with a little Salt and Pepper 

Skate Wings: How to make it

1. Season the skate wings with some salt and pepper. Dust it with plain flour lightly and pan sear it until cooked. 
2. Rough chop the Australian leek and braise it with chicken stock until soft and add in the petit pois and season well. 
3. Deep fry the shredded hash and save it for garnish.

Mustard and Tarragon dressing: Here's what you need  

65g Shallots 
15g Garlic
50g White Balsamic Vinegar
15g Gherkins
10g Whole Grain Mustard
20g Tarragon
100g Cooking Cream

Mustard and Tarragon dressing: How to make it 

1. Chop shallots and garlic and reduce with white balsamic vinegar until three-quarters.
2. Add the cream and reduce until half.
3. Fold in the rest of the ingredients and season with salt. 

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