How to make an earl grey cocktail

How to make an earl grey cocktail


Text: Janice Sim

Something smells good in here...

Bergamot fans, this one's for you. On days when you're feeling especially celebratory, swap out your humble pot of tea with this homemade elixir (endearingly named the Barbarella), as shown by the bar folk at The Warehouse Hotel. Featuring a special mix of roselle essence, rhubarb, earl grey tea and a generous splash of gin, this cocktail could be your way in to acing your upcoming house soirée. 

Note: Prepare the G'Vine roselle gin, rhubarb syrup and earl grey tea syrup before starting on the Barbarella

G'Vine Roselle Gin: Here's what you need

700ml G'Vine
120g Roselle Petals
100ml Water

G'Vine Roselle Gin: How to make it

1. Sous vide ingredients at 50°C for 6 hours.

Rhubarb syrup: Here's what you need

700g Fresh Rhubarb
500g Sugar
500ml Water
3 Dehydrated Lemon Discs

Rhubarb syrup: How to make it

1. Cut rhubarb into small pieces and place in sous vide bag with all other ingredients.
2. Sous vide for 2 hours at 50°C. When finished, place in cold bath, strain and store in refrigerator.

Earl grey tea syrup: Here's what you need

45g Earl Grey Tea Leaves
500ml Water
500ml Sugar

Earl grey tea syrup: How to make it

1. Infuse tea leaves in 500ml of water for 5 minutes at 65°C. Allow to cool and strain off tea, slowly dissolve sugar into mixture.

Earl grey cocktail: How to make it

1. Wet shake ingredients together followed by a dry shake and strain into a fizz glass.
2. Garnish with rose buds or flowers.

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