How to make delicious tom yum soup

How to make delicious tom yum soup


Text: Janice Sim

Grab your tissues, it’s about to get hot in here

Slurping up a bowl of piping hot tom yum broth is undoubtedly one of life's simplest, yet greatest pleasures, especially if you're a fan of Thai cuisine. It's intensely spicy, tangy, tagged with a tinge of sweetness and often loaded with a generous serving of seafood — what's not to love? Now you can cook up your very own bowl, thanks to this recipe from Chef Bright of Thai restaurant Blue Jasmine. We're definitely saving this for a cold rainy day.

Chicken stock: Here's what you need

1kg Chicken Bones
100g Dalkon
100g Long cabbage
50g White Onion
A pinch of Salt

Chicken stock: How to make it

1. Add all the ingredients in a pot then fill it up with cold water.
2. Bring to boil, stir and simmer for two hours before turning off the fire.

Tom Yum Soup: Here's what you need

8pcs Big Red Prawns
600ml Chicken Stock
50g Red Shallots, sliced
5 stalks of Coriander Root, smashed
2 stalks of Lemongrass, sliced
6pcs Kaffir Lime Leaf, shredded
4pcs Bird Eye Chilli
2tbsp Thai Chilli Paste
50ml Thai Coconut Milk
30ml Thai Fish Sauce
0.5tbsp MSG
3tbsp Fresh Lime Juice

Tom Yum Soup: How to make it

1. Fill a pot with chicken stock, lemongrass, shallots, coriander root, chilli and lime leaf, and bring to boil for one minute.
2. Add the Thai chilli paste and prawns, boil it for one minute.
3. Add the coconut milk and MSG, bring it to boil.
4. Remove from heat, then season with fish sauce and lime juice.
5. Serve it in a bowl, add fresh coriander leaf to garnish.  

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