How to make crispy prawn dumplings

How to make crispy prawn dumplings


Text: Janice Sim

Time to get cracking with this indulgent treat

There's nothing more satisfying than the crackling sound of a crisp prawn dumpling. Then there's its taste, which usually instigates a second helping, then a third. Before you know it, you have gone through the whole plate. So here to do us all a solid favour is Chopsuey's go-to recipe for crispy prawn wantons, accompanied with their homemade chilli sauce. This weekend, indulge yourselves — no one's counting on you to share. 

Note: Prepare Chopsuey chilli sauce before starting on the cripsy prawn wantons 
*Serves 16 pieces

Chopsuey chilli sauce: Here's what you need

20g Lemongrass
20g Ginger Flower
20g Coriander
20g Garlic
20g Shallots
80g Thai chilli sauce
140g Maggi chilli sauce
100g Tomato ketchup
20g Fish sauce
20g Plum paste
20g Chili padi
5g Lime leaves

Chopsuey chilli sauce: How to make it

1. Finely chop lemongrass, ginger flower, coriander, garlic, shallots, chilli padi, lime leaves and put them into a mixing bowl.
2. Add in Thai chilli sauce, Maggi chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, fish sauce, plum sauce and mix well.
3. Peel dill and add into the sauce.

Cripsy prawn dumplings: Here's what you need

200g Yellow Wanton Skins
240g Fresh Prawns
80g Sweet Chilli Sauce
5g Sesame Seeds
5g Fresh Thai Basi
5g Sesame Oil
2g Sugar
2g Salt
A pinch of white pepper

Cripsy prawn dumplings: How to make it

1. De-shell the prawns. Chop 120g finely and the other 120g roughly into chunky pieces.
2. Mix all the prawns with sesame oil, sugar, salt and pepper. Whip by hand for 5 minutes until it has a paste-like consistency.
3. Wrap filling with 2 pieces of wanton skin to form a triangle.
4. Deep fry wantons at 200°C for 3 mins.
5. Pour sweet chilli sauce over wantons. Garnish with sesame, fresh Thai basil, coriander and chilli before serving.

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