How to make a winning burrata dish

How to make a winning burrata dish


Text: Janice Sim

Leave it to this Italian cheese to steal hearts at your dinner party

A visit to an Italian restaurant is never complete without a tasty burrata appetiser. It's smooth, soft, and creamy all at the same time — usually served with a light, zingy dressing to set our palate in place for the rest of the meal. With a myriad of festive dinners ahead, you can recreate your very own burrata dish with the help of this recipe from Chef Oliver Hyde of Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, Maggie Joan's. Straying away from typical garnishes like olive oil and tomatoes, savoury peaches and fermented tea add a refreshing medley of flavours instead to this well-loved starter. We're calling this an instant party favourite.

Burrata with peaches and shio kombu: Here's what you need

300g Burrata
1 Yellow Peach
50g Shio Kombu
Sweet Basil, a handful of its tips
Salt, to taste
Black Pepper, to taste
Kombucha Powder, to taste

Burrata with peaches and shio kombu: How to make it

1. Cut the peach in half, and remove the stone.
2. Season with salt, kombucha powder, and extra virgin oil.
3. Pan-fry until the peach halves start to caramelise and soften a little. Remove the peach halves from the pan and leave to rest/cool.
4. Heat plain vegetable oil until 180°C. Take the shio kombu and fry until crisp. Remove from oil and leave it to cool.
5. Take the burrata and gently tear it open. Mix very gently with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.
6. Place the burrata first on a plate, followed by the peaches then the shio kombu.
7. Scatter a generous handful of basil leaves over the top, then drizzle a little extra virgin oil before serving immediately. 

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