How to make bread pudding

How to make bread pudding

An instant hit

Text: Janice Sim

If there's a dessert any cooking novice can get away with, it would be bread pudding. First of all, it's deceivingly easy to put together. Secondly, irresitible with every bite — warm, moist, and lapped up with copious amounts of dairy. Below, head chef of Mary's Kafe, Mary Gomes shares her go-to recipe for the perennial favourite.

Bread pudding: Here's what you need 

6 slices of Bread
300g UHT Milk
60g Melted Butter
50g Mixed Fruits
½ tspn Vanilla Essence
2 tspn Sugar

Bread pudding: How to make it

1. Cut bread into square pieces and place it in a mixing bowl.
2. Add sugar and milk and mix it up by mashing with your hands.
3. Add mixed fruits and vanilla. Mix well.
4. Pour batter into a baking tin (3 ½  x 7 inch).
5. Pour in the melted butter over the batter.
6. Bake in preheat oven at 200°C for one hour or till evenly brown.

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