How to make braised beef brisket

How to make braised beef brisket

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Text: Janice Sim

Nothing says hard work than a bowl of beef brisket. A long enduring process that features star ingredients as well as what some could call the best part of beef cut — the tendon. This week, surprise the fam and recreate your very own — of course with this recipe from Janice O'Connor's debut cookbook Open Kitchen (via a donation to Make A Wish Foundation). All of the proceeds will also go to the charity organisation. 

Note: Boiled white radish will go very well with the beef. Put boiled radish at the bottom of a clay pot or any heat-proof pot, spoon the meat and sauce on top and boil for a few minutes.

Beef brisket: Here's what you need

1 1/2 kg Beef Brisket (rib side)
500g Tendon
6 slices Ginger
5pcs Garlic
2pcs Star Anise Seed
6pcs Cardamom Pod
6pcs Clove
1pc Cinnamon Stick
1 tbspn Yellow Bean Paste
2 tbspn Chu Hou Sauce
2 tbspn Oyster Sauce
6 tbspn Soy Sauce Chicken Sauce
1 pc Chicken Stock Cube
25g Rock Sugar
4 tbspn Oil

Beef brisket: How to make it 

1. Boil water to cover tendon & bean, cook for about 40 mins then rinse in cold water. Keep cooking liquid to use later. Cut tendon in chunky pieces.
2. In a wok, heat oil, fry ginger and garlic till it is light brown. Add bean sauce & Chu Hou sauce and fry for one minute. Stir in beef and tendon, coat the meat in sauce thoroughly.
3. Pour in cooking liquid to cover the meat. Cook for 15 mins.
4. Transfer the ingredients from the wok to a slow cooker. Ensure meat is soaked in cooking liquid.
5. Turn on high heat on the slow cooker. Add oyster sauce, chicken stock cube and pour soy sauce chicken sauce in and rock sugar on top. Cook for five to six hours.

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