How to make an apricot punch cocktail

How to make an apricot punch cocktail


Text: Janice Sim

Celebrate Singapore Cocktail Festival 2018 with a drink of your own

Didn't manage to get tickets to this weekend's Singapore Cocktail Festival? Don't sweat it, you can always invite the whole gang bang over and whip up a delicious thirst quencher of your own. Below, learn how to recreate a delicious apricot punch, with this recipe from Blackwattle. Swirled with homemade apricot jam and a sweet dose of gin, this will definitely be the life of the party. Cheers to the weekend.  

Note: Prepare apricot jam before starting on the punch. The recipe for the jam makes up to 30 portions. 

Apricot Jam: Here's what you need

1kg Apricots
200g Water
100g Sugar

Apricot Jam: How to make it

1. Cook down the apricots in a pot with water and sugar.

Apricot Punch: Here's what you need

30g Apricot Jam
30ml Ki No Bi Gin
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

Apricot Punch: How to make it

1. Measure 30g of apricot jam (approximately two tablespoons) and gently mix it with 30ml of Ki No Bi gin. After which, top up with the tonic water.
2. Serve with ice in a whisky glass. 

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