How to make a Thai omelette

How to make a Thai omelette

Fluffy's the word

Text: Janice Sim

Not all omelettes were made equal. Case in point: the Thai omelette. It isn't just as simple as breaking an egg but what goes into the mix, before hitting the pan. For restaurant Blue Jasmine, a few drops of lime juice and fish sauce goes a long way. And by that, we mean a result that's too delicious to share. Recreate the golden brown circle with this recipe below. 

Serves 1

Thai omelette: Here's what you need

3 Eggs
2 Red Chili
300g Acacia  leaf
200ml Cooking  oil
20ml Fish Sauce
5g Sugar
Few drops Lime Juice 

Thai omelette: How to make it

1. Slice the chilies and acacia leaves into small pieces and add them to the bowl. 
2. Crack eggs into a mixing bowl and beat with a fork till bubbles form.
3. Add fish sauce, sugar and a few  drops of lime juice in the same mixing bowl and mix well.
4. Pour oil in the wok and use high heat until oil is smoking.
5. Pour eggs mixture into hot oil  from  a height.
6. Remove from pan when egg is golden brown and fluffy.
7. Put the egg onto a clean board, then gently roll the egg up, and slice the crispy edges off.
8. Then cut the rolled omelette into bite-sized pieces and serve immediately.

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