How to make a poached barramundi in lemongrass broth

How to make a poached barramundi in lemongrass broth

Prosperous feast

Text: Janice Sim

Ask any Chinese household this: there's bound to be fish on the table whenever Lunar New Year rolls around. Apart from being a delicious and healthy source of protein, it is also a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Chopsuey's take on a fresh barramundi? Poached and steeped in a refreshing lemongrass lime broth. Sounds like an instant crowd-pleaser to us. 

Poached barramundi in a lemongrass and lime broth: Here's what you need

300g Barramundi
4 Seedless Whole Limes
3cm piece Galangal
3cm piece Fresh Ginger
3 Lemongrass Stalks
3 Kaffir Lime Leaves
2 Chili Padi
2 litres Water
50g Fresh Coriander Leaves
15g Fresh Thai Basil Leaves
15g Chinese Celery
15g Fresh Mint

Poached barramundi in a lemongrass and lime broth: How to make it

1. For the barramundi, cut up the fillet into pieces of around 80-100g each. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and leave to marinate for 15 minutes, before patting dry.
2. Meanwhile prepare the lemongrass broth. Juice the two green limes and add to a saucepan along with the galangal, ginger, one lemongrass stalk, the kaffir lime leaves, one sliced chili padi, and ¾ fresh coriander. Pour over water and gently boil for ten minutes. Sieve the broth making sure to keep the liquid as you discard the other ingredients.
3. Prepare the mixed herbs and lime salad while the broth is boiling. Finely slice a lemongrass stalk and add to a mixing bowl. Add the zest of two limes, along with the remaining coriander, thai basil leaves, Chinese celery, mint and finely sliced chili padi. Mix and leave to stand while you prepare the fish.
4. Pan sear the barramundi on the skin side for three minutes.
5. Pour over some of the hot broth (enough to cover the fish) and poach for five minutes.
6. Now time to plate up. In a shallow serving bowl, place the cooked barramundi fillet. Pour approximately 200ml of the hot lemongrass broth over the seared barramundi and top with the mixed herbs and lime salad. ­­

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