How to make a hearty bowl of porky marinara sauce

How to make a hearty bowl of porky marinara sauce

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Text: Corinne Cheah

Nothing beats a homemade marinara sauce. Throw in some tomatoes, herbs, a dash of olive oil — and some fatty, smoky, streaky bacon, just like how Pasta Supremo does it. Generously douse the sauce over some spaghetti or fettuccine and you got yourself a mean bowl of pasta that will be sure to impress at the dinner table. 

Porky marinara sauce: Here's what you need 

1kg Canned Premium Chopped Tomatoes
80g Streaky Bacon
100g Yellow Onions
20g Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
20-80g Sugar (to taste)
Salt (to taste)

Porky marinara sauce: How to make it

1. First, sauté the diced onions in a pan with the streaky bacon and a little salt.
2. Once the onions and bacon start to caramelise, add the chopped tomatoes in. 
3. Bring to a low simmer and let the sauce cook for up to 3 hours if possible — the rendered pork fat from the bacon will intensify the taste and richness of the sauce. 
4. Once the sauce thickens, taste and season to your liking with sugar and salt.
5. For added depth, use extra virgin olive oil to complete this hearty sauce (can be mixed into the sauce or drizzled over the past just before serving). 

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