How to host the perfect barbecue party at home

How to host the perfect barbecue party at home

Fire up

Text: Janice Sim

The best part? You don't need to be an excellent chef to pull it off

With the holiday season right around the corner, it means rounding up your family and favourite friends by hosting an intimate gathering within the comforts of your own home. But instead of spending hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm, firing up the grill can be a more enjoyable and delicious alternative. Smokey meats and buttered corn? Yes and yes. Bonus: You don't have to be the only one cooking.

First time getting the grill going? Steven Lim, vice-president of premium grill manufacturer, Weber-Stephen, shares his tips on hosting a successful barbecue party at home.

Get a fuss-free grill
Times have changed — there are certainly better options than going the traditional route. Forget charcoal and fire-starters, as they really aren't the easiest things to work with. Instead, get on with the gas grills from the Weber Q series. Compact, portable, and powerful, say goodbye to all your issues when it comes to starting a fire.

Weber Q series barbecue

Pick up the best produce
No barbecue is complete without a solid steak — choose your meats from The Meat Club or Huber's Butchery. These places have a great selection of high-quality meats. Also, if you love your Chinese crispy pork belly or char siew, these meats work equally well on the Weber Q grill, too.  

Make sure you know the basics
There's direct heat and then there's indirect heat. Place meats that are relatively small and can be cooked in 20 minutes or less, over the direct fire. For larger, tougher cuts of meat that need more than 20 minutes, place them over the other parts of the grill.

Weber Q series barbecue

Always put a lid on it
Whenever you're done Instagramming, remember to put the lid back on. This keeps the grates hot enough to sear the food and speeds up the cooking time. It also helps lock in the meat's intoxicating, smokey flavours.

Don't forget the alcohol
According to Winefolly, red wines are the best choice for barbecued-grilled meats. The tannins found in red wine will square off the unami and high fat often found in meat. 

The Weber Q series is now available at the Weber Store & Training Centre as well as selected Home-Fix stores. 

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