Healthy lunch options: DoSiRak

Healthy lunch options: DoSiRak

Eat clean

Text: Denise Kok

Image: DoSiRak

Korean takeaway boxes that pack in no more than 500 calories? Yes, please

Founded by half-Korean, half-Singaporean brothers Edward and Eugene Chia, this Korean takeaway joint at China Square Central is the perfect spot for calorie-conscious foodies looking for a change from their quinoa bowls and Waldolf salads.

Drawing inspiration from the humble Korean lunchbox the Chias grew up with as children, the colourful tubs pack in a substantial and healthful take on Korean favourites such as beef bulgogi and kimchi tofu. We love how the takeaway meals have been crafted with the help of a nutritionist to ensure they don't exceed more than 500 calories.

If you prefer to customise your own tub, you get to choose from a variety of proteins, carbohydrates (including white rice, brown rice, and Korean noodles), and vegetables before tossing it all in a homemade blend of gochujang, a quintessentially Korean condiment made from red chili, gluntinous rice, and fermented soybeans.

DoSiRak. 18 Cross Street, China Square Central, #01-02