Hashida Sushi returns to Singapore with its famed omakase menus, exclusive sake and sparkling wine

Hashida Sushi returns to Singapore with its famed omakase menus, exclusive sake and sparkling wine

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Text: Amy Van

Fans of Hashida Sushi were gutted when the well-loved restaurant exited the space of Mandarin Gallery earlier this year in June. And now, it has made its glorious return back at Mohammed Sultan Road. Spearheaded by the Chef Kenjiro 'Hatch' Hashida and his dream team, the simple restaurant is set in a beautiful shophouse just a few doors down from The English House. Boasting three private dining rooms and a bar displaying the chef's personal sake and spirits selection; the restaurant continues to offer omakase menus of traditional Edomae sushi and creative dishes for lunch and dinner. It also has a few new offerings — all exclusive only to the stellar establishment. 

Hashida Sushi


Hashida is serving an exclusive sake from Syata Sake Brewery in Japan's Ishikawa prefecture. The Hashida Sushi private label Tengumai sake will be available in December 2018. The sake rice is carefully polished until 50% and brewed by experienced sake masters using pristine local mountain water. This results in the fragrant aroma of ginjo (usually light with a fruity fragrance).

Soy Sauce

Chef Hatch will be serving his own premium soy sauce that he's creating in Japan with a 120-year-old soy sauce brewer, located in Iga, Mie Prefecture. He has a small batch now at Hashida Sushi, but in 2020, the soy sauce that's currently being aged will be ready. The chef describes the product as having strong umami taste. His garlic and sudachi (lime) flavoured soy sauce will also be ready in 2020. Just two more years to go. 

Sparkling wine from Hokkaido

Hashida will soon serve a sparkling wine from Hokkaido, made using the Niagara varietal.  It has a nectarous aroma, similar to that of sweet muscat; however it has a piquant taste without being overly sweet. The taste starts with a fruitier expectation and has a well balanced dry finish to it. The grapes are grown in an organic farm in Niki town, next to Otaru, Hokkaido. In September 2018, the grapes produced in the farm received organic accreditation by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard). 

The Uji Royal Blue Tea

Although there are other high-end restaurants in the world selling this tea, only three bottles have their company logos stamped on this premium uji tea. "Hashida Sushi is one of the three restaurants in the world to have our own logo on the bottle of the uji. The other two are: Ryugin in Tokyo and Sasaki in Kyoto," says the chef. The rainfall, soil, and elevation of the Uji area of Kyoto provide ideal conditions for tea cultivation. Throughout its 800 years of history, Uji tea has been renowned as one of the finest in Japan. This fragrant tea has a mild sweetness and pairs immaculately well with seafood, if sake isn't really your thing. 

25 Mohammed Sultan Road, Tel: 8428 8787  

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