Gourmet spreads to slather on toast

Gourmet spreads to slather on toast

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Text: Denise Kok

Image: Cover image by Getty Images

You can't go wrong with hoarding these jars

1. Kaya with coconut caramel and sea salt

ujong gourmet kaya

The very idea of a pandan-scented coconut jam is already brilliant and no quintessential Singaporean breakfast will find itself without a toasty stack of kaya butter toast. Trust Lim Tian Wee, founder of Gryphon Tea Company, to reinvent the wheel by launching Ujong Gourmet, a trio of artisanal kaya spreads based on the Peranakan-style kaya Lim's grandmother used to make. The unadultered version with butterfly pea and pandan tastes richer than your run-of-the-mill kaya (consider it the Joseph Schooling of kayas), but what we really enjoyed was the version with coconut caramel and sea salt, which uses Javanese coconut nectar to create a depth of flavour that's balanced nicely with a touch of sea salt.

Available from Gryphon Tea Pantry and selected supermarkets

2. Kyoto matcha jam

matcha jam

If you don't already follow Amanda Tan (#GirlBoss behind online Japanese grocer Zairyō) on Instagram, you should. She has impeccable taste when it comes to all things edible in the Japanese culinary sphere. It isn't surprising that the matcha jam she brings in from Kyoto puts everything else on the market to shame. Just imagine some chubby Japanese kid enjoying this masterful blend of Hokkaido milk, fresh cream, matcha, and sugar on toast while you wolf down processed Gardenia bread slathered with margarine. This is the taste of a childhood you wished you had. 

Available at Zairyō

3. French Earl Grey tea jelly

TWG tea jelly

TWG Tea is truly milking the tea angle hard. They've rolled out tea-infused dishes, macarons, and even candles that smell like your favourite brew. Their tea jelly, though, is one of their most underrated offerings that ought to get more love. It's the kind of afternoon tea accoutrement the Queen of England would raise a little pinky to. It has the texture of a soft jelly, comes across less goopy than jam, and impresses with a rich bouquet of flavours. The French Earl Grey flavoured version is a refined layered of bergamot, citrus fruits, and just a light touch of blue cornflowers. Perfect on toast and even more enjoyable with a cup of freshly brewed black tea. 

Available at TWG Tea boutiques