Jewel Changi Airport food guide: Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster, A&W, Tiger Street Lab and more

Jewel Changi Airport food guide: Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster, A&W, Tiger Street Lab and more

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Text: Corinne Cheah Janice Sim

Jewel Changi Airport is a sight to behold — and one that brings along elements of nature, play and retail to its sparkling dome. Set to open on April 17, preview tickets to the airport were snapped up by Singaporeans who were excited to have a sneak preview to the building made with more than 9000 pieces of specially manufactured glass. While there are impressive installations such as the 40 metre rain vortex and a canopy park for our viewing pleasure, let's just admit that the real gem lies in the food and beverage department — amassing up to 280 shops and eateries. Violet Oon Singapore, Cafe Muji, Putien and even Tokyo's indulgent Milk Cheese store, are some of the renowned names on the list. 

If you're already feeling giddy from this smorgasbord of gourmet choices, we breakdown seven of our favourites in Jewel — from Taiwanese bubble tea, The Alley to cult burger joint, Shake Shack. Everyone needs a shortlist to conquer a mega mall. Here's ours:


The cult burger chain from NYC has finally made its way to our shores — settling down in Jewel Changi Airport. Expect to devour their signature 100% natural Angus beef patties, classic crinkle-cut fries and frozen custard ice cream.

Cool factor: Singapore is their first stop and the only shack in Southeast Asia. We now own bragging rights. 

Where to find: #B2-209Shake Shack


There's no better way for A&W (and us) to celebrate their 100th year anniversary than their return into Singapore's food scene. The iconic favourites of coney dogs that encase a beef hotdog doused in a meaty chili and creamy cheddar cheese sauce; fluffy waffles and frosted root beer floats will make their comeback — to the anticipation of the '90s kids. 

Cool factor: A&W is jazzing up its offerings with a Jewel-exclusive menu that features best-selling items from around the world such as the cream cheeseburger from Japan and Golden Aroma Chicken from Indonesia. Talk about globalisation. 

Where to find: #B2-209A&W


The fifth outlet to open in Singapore, Lady M will be taking over a 50-seater space at the airport. Apart from their trademark Mille Crêpe cakes, they will also be releasing their new Bon Bons collection that will span across 23 flavours. 

Cool factor: Your fam and friends from abroad can now get a taste of the multi-layered cake with their newly-introduced frozen Mille Crêpe cakes that keep the cakes fresh regardless of the travel destination. 

Where to find: #02-253Lady M


No need to hop on the next flight out to London or to hike up the misty path to Genting for a taste of this famed lobster roll. Located on Jewel's highest floor called Canopy Park, the outlet is probably the envy of other F&B outlets with its breathtaking views of the world's tallest indoor waterfall. Hopefully that makes us feel better about the price we are about to pay for a lobster roll. 

Cool factor: Despite its focus on prime burgers, fresh Atlantic lobsters and lobster rolls, the food chain aims to incorporate local flavours into its menu that will be based on a seasonal basis. Perhaps a laksa lobster roll next? 

Where to find: #05-203Burger and Lobster


Our city's relationship with bubble tea has always been tumultuous. But after a few good years of loyal drinkers sticking to their guns and their alliances, the trusty tapioca pearls have survived the ultimate test. Now the scene is thriving. Adding to the list of new entrants from all around the world, The Alley from Taiwan (known for its tapioca pearls that's made from scratch) will be opening their first Singapore outlet at Jewel. 

Cool factor: A cult status brand with a deer logo? Bubble tea just got slightly hipster.  

Where to find: #B2-273The Alley


You don't have to hail from the East to know and adore this trendy gelato joint at Katong. Its name has spread wide and far across our city for its piquant thyme cones and distinct flavours such as spiced pear and white chrysanthemum. 

Cool factor: Its outlet at Jewel is shacking up with local label In Good Company. We can't think of a better match than these two minimalist havens to co-share a space.

Where to find: #01-214/215/216Birds of Paradise


Our national icon is pulling all the stops for its first concept store at Jewel. Here's where you'll get exclusive seasonal brews, retail merch and a uniquely Singaporean street food pairing menu while you imbibe. 

Cool factor: For starters, its name is Tiger Street Lab. If we didn't know better, it could pass off as a hybrid of Dover Street Market and Nike Lab. 

Where to find: #05-205

For the full list of F&B tenants in Jewel Changi Airport.

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