Food and drink delivery options during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: The Cicheti Group, Oxwell & Co, and more

Food and drink delivery options during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: The Cicheti Group, Oxwell & Co, and more

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Text: Natasha Khoury Amelia Chia

Home is currently where most of the population is. With COVID-19 washing across our nation fairly rapidly and a recent spike in numbers, the broad advice to everyone is — stay home. We're in the same boat, and understand how trying social distancing and self-isolation can be. After all, Singaporeans would rather stand in line for hours with hundreds of strangers than be confined to the four walls of their home.

If you can't cook to save your life, that might be an issue. After a week of hawker takeaway and your usual Uber Eats orders, our discerning stomachs are growling for achingly hip brunch fare, a cheesy cacio e pepe, or a cocktail that is not a DIY G&T. Fortunately, our friends in hospitality are actual heroes. In the middle of devastating times for the industry, many cafes, restaurants, and bars are stepping up their game and thinking ahead. A number of establishments are now offering islandwide delivery and special takeout menus for the party to continue at home. Your support could make or break them — it's time to eat like you've never before, from home.

Don Quijote

Famed for their critically acclaimed tapas, this restaurant offers up an extensive variety of authentic Spanish food ranging from savoury soups to fresh seafood. The main highlight for us? Their succulent meats that we can't get enough of. With their new island-wide delivery initiative, customers that pay a flat fee of $20 or have orders that amount to $150 can happily indulge in their deliveries  regardless of whether you live in Pasir Ris or Orchard Central. Plus you can even request for your paella or fideua to come in pans. Just make sure to wash them and keep them aside for future collection arrangements. Now that we've got extra time on our hands, doing the dishes doesn't sound too hard.

Food and drink delivery options during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: The Cicheti Group, Oxwell & Co, and more (фото 1)

To place your order and make a payment through PayNow, use their WhatsApp number 8218 6969.

Oxwell & Co

Created by local Brits, Oxwell & Co blends Singapore's rich heritage with British culinary classics. And now, patrons can indulge in their famous British roasts in the comfort of your own  COVID-free  home. This specially curated feast will encompass delicious spreads  straight from their roast delivery menu including free-range roast chicken, roasted pork belly and grass-fed roasted beef striploin with a side of potatoes and traditional homemade gravy. Best part? You can receive free delivery island wide with a minimum spending of $150 easily sorted via Paynow. Even in difficult times like these, there's nothing that a good ol' juicy steak can't fix.

Food and drink delivery options during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: The Cicheti Group, Oxwell & Co, and more (фото 2)

To place your order 24 hours in advance, WhatsApp message 9297 1994.

New Ubin Group

Staying true to its catchy slogan, New Ubin Seafood incorporates delectable flavours in its dishes that pay homage to Singapore's roots. Craving fresh seafood whilst confined to the four walls of your home? Order through its online link and retrieve island wide delivery service. If that's not enough, New Ubin is launching a new delivery platform via GrabFood called UbinEats. What that means for you is that you will soon be able to treat yourself to six different meal boxes. Variety is key after all when you're born and raised here.

Food and drink delivery options during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: The Cicheti Group, Oxwell & Co, and more (фото 3)

To place your order, go to their website link at

The Cicheti Group

No stranger to our F&B landscape, the Cicheti Group has been the purveyor of artisanal wines, delish wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, and fresh handmade pasta. But who would have thought that you can now indulge in an authentic Italian feast catered by Cicheti at home? How? Well Cicheti, Caffe Cicheti, and Bar Cicheti will all be made accessible on popular food delivery apps including Deliveroo, GrabFood, and FoodPanda. The Cicheti outlets will also provide takeout menus accompanied with pre-orders on their website. Not impressive enough? Their sommelier experience service certainly is. By ordering the Sommelier Selection, you can get yourself a wine waiter yes, you read that right  to pick out a bottle best suited for your order. They spoil us, truly.

Food and drink delivery options during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: The Cicheti Group, Oxwell & Co, and more (фото 4)

Cicheti and Caffe Cicheti will be available on Deliveroo, GrabFood and FoodPanda. Bar Cicheti will be available on Deliveroo only.

Spa Esprit Group

Comprising of some of the most beloved homegrown F&B brands, Spa Esprit Group has rolled out discounts and delivery services in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Haute restaurants including Ding Dong's South East Asian cuisine and NOKA's Japanese grub are providing a la carte takeout menu coupled with a 10% discount throughout Mondays to Thursdays. Plus, if you didn't already know  Tiong Bahru Bakery is available on the prevalent delivery apps, just so you can get a taste of new additions such as the 100% Sourdough Waffle. Bonus liquor fact: The Butcher's Wife will also serve up some alcohol-induced fun. Available on Deliveroo, these bottles of natural and organic wines will ease your isolated sorrows away. Cheers to that.

Food and drink delivery options during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: The Cicheti Group, Oxwell & Co, and more (фото 5)

Tiong Bahru Bakery is available on GrabFood, Deliveroo and FoodPanda & The Butcher's Wife on Deliveroo. To place your order from Ding Dong call 6557 0189 or email at [email protected]. For NOKA call 6877 4878 or email at [email protected].

Papi's Tacos

There's nothing a good Mexican feast can't fix. Papi's Tacos has dreamed up an at-home package for groups of four to 12 people  we're talking DIY tacos with a choice of three fillings, ranging from grilled fish, chorizo sausage, shrimp, and mushroom. It's as simple as heating up tortillas, building the tacos, and devouring it in front of your Netflix binge. Need a little pick-me-up to go along? Order their pre-mixed margarita mix  tequila included  in either classic lime, strawberry, spicy mango, or grapefruit. Islandwide delivery available.

Papi's Tacos

39 Seah Street, Tel: 6258 0701

The Masses

Culinary maestros from The Masses a French restaurant with Asian flair  will hop onboard the delivery bandwagon as of this Friday. From crabmeat kueh pie tee to beef cheek bourguignon and duck confit served with beautifully wok hei rice noodles, your dining table will see stellar treats in the midst of your work-from-home routine. Time to light a candle, put on some soft tunes, and take the romance home.

Crabmeat kueh pie tee at The Masses

85 Beach Road, #01-02, Tel: 6266 0061

Pasta Bar

Pasta Bar is the buzzing, popular restaurant on Keong Saik Road that sees throngs of people come in for their fresh, homemade pasta on a daily basis. When going out is not an option, their brilliant recipes are still available for you to whip up at home. They've rolled out "Fresh Pasta Home Cooking Kits" and "Bake Yourself Lasagne Trays" that can delivered islandwide or picked up daily with a direct order via their website. Whether it's hand-cut tagliatelle with 24-hour beef ragu, or fresh tagliolini with pesto Genovese, this kit has everything you require to feed a family of up to six people or more. Add a salami platter, burrata, and a bottle of wine to complete the experience.

Freshly made pasta at Pasta Bar

55 Keong Saik Road, Tel: 6222 0627

Employees Only

Perhaps at the end of the day, all we really need is to knock back a respectable Old Fashioned. Our good friends over at Employees Only are committed to getting quality pre-batched cocktails to your home  take your pick from the Old Fashioned, Negroni, Martini, an EO Manhattan, or a Cold Brew Martini. Each cocktail is 350ml, and is sold individually, or in flights of three or five. Have a larger family? The Negroni also comes in a large 750ml format ideal for six or more people.

Negroni at Employees Only

112 Amoy Street, Tel: 6221 7357