Five Sardinian dishes to try at Sopra Cucina & Bar

Five Sardinian dishes to try at Sopra Cucina & Bar
The newly revamped menu offers diners a taste of Sardinia in Singapore

An autonomous region of Italy, the island of Sardinia wields a unique cuisine that has evolved in tandem with but independently from Southern Italy's for over 50,000 years. Sopra Cucina & Bar, nestled in a serene nook of Orchard Road behind Palais Renaissance, has proudly rallied behind the banner of Sardinian gastronomy for two years and adopts Sardinia's Roman, Byzantine and Aragonite culinary influences in its hearty Southern European fare.

Sopra Cucina & Bar

Besides either making its various pastas by hand or flying them in from Italy, Sopra also uses sea salt, imported pecorino cheese, which is synonymous with Sardinia, as well as a bouquet of indigenous herbs to recreate the flavours of the Mediterranean's second largest island. Unlike other Italian restaurants, Sopra shuns Italian wood fires and stone ovens, choosing instead to cook its pizza with state-of-the-art technology — a cutting-edge oven which costs a pretty penny but guarantees that every part of each pizza is cooked uniformly at 250°C.

Keen to have a taste of Sardinian cuisine? You'll do best to start with some of Sopra's most popular offerings:

Porcheddu sardo

A tender piglet is basted in traditional fashion, which employs fragrant herbs like Italian myrtle ("mirto") and rosemary to accentuate the natural flavour of a succulent delicacy typically savoured on celebratory occasions.

Sopra Cucina & Bar

Fregola ai frutti di mare

This handmade semolina pasta is enriched with Sopra's homemade seafood sauce, and complemented with a variety of fresh seafood in a veritably decadent meal.

Malloreddus alla campidanese

An arduous labour of love, this Sardinian semolina gnocchi is basked in rosemary pork sauce and cooked precisely to al dente texture.

Sopra Cucina & Bar

Polpo alla carlofortina

Slow-cooked with olives, basil, pine nuts and celery, this Southern European-style fresh octopus dish congregates aromatic herbs and sumptuous balls of carlofortina pasta in a colourful fete.

Biscotto di Pecorino

This simple and light antipasto stuffs the traditional Sardinian flatbread pane carasau, which translates to "bread crust", with pecorino cheese before drizzling it with honey.

Sopra Cucina & Bar

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Text: Andre Frois

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