Five Guys Singapore at Plaza Singapura: Burgers with endless toppings, fresh hand-cut fries, and milkshakes spiked with bacon bits

Five Guys Singapore at Plaza Singapura: Burgers with endless toppings, fresh hand-cut fries, and milkshakes spiked with bacon bits

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Text: Janice Sim

There's yet another cult-favourite franchise that has officially landed in Singapore. And it happens to be US burger joint, Five Guys, to extend the charge of internationally-acclaimed buns here on our shores. Thanks to the folks from Zouk Group, who are responsible for heralding the franchise in.

Every Five Guys outpost stands to be homogenous — whether you're in the States, UK, Middle East, Hong Kong, or in Singapore. That includes the signature colours of red and white awashing the space at its new home at Plaza Singapura. Other signature traits: A huge crate of peanuts that are readily free-flow to customers as well as rows and rows of potato sacks stacked up by the wall of the fast food restaurant. Which alludes to another Five Guys' specialty — their crisp potato fries that are known for its mashed potato texture. Laboriously hand-cut and then double-fried in no cholesterol peanut oil, you could say Five Guys have perfected their fries. There's original and then there's an option that's coated with Cajun spice powder.

Five Guys Singapore

You won't find any freezers or microwaves in the open kitchen here. Which means that the guys behind the counters are constantly working (and cleaning their respective work stations) to serve up the orders. As for the burgers. They are all made-to-order — comprising hand-formed burger patties that are all cooked consistently to well done. Buns are baked fresh daily before they're popped on the grill for a quick toast. What's unique to Five Guys is the liberty to add as many toppings as you want in your burger. The usual burger would sandwich two patties, while the 'little' ones will have a single patty.

What's great about it is one can find 100 ways to build the burger of your dreams. But it's also another pickle to nail the perfect formula of your own. We found our buns to be a tad too soggy, perhaps from the overwhelming amount of mushrooms and onions within. On second thought, the heavy coat of the mustard probably wasn't the best idea with their barbecue sauce. Perhaps, one should stave off the temptation of piling as many toppings into your order, and simply opt to the bare minimum. Do a taste test, then, proceed from there. Those that want to wean off carbs, can opt to have their burgers in a bowl, bun-less.

Five Guys Singapore

Alas, the shakes. Which definitely live up to their name. Starting from a creamy vanilla base, add your preferred mix-ins like actual bananas, fresh strawberries, crispy bacon bits, and even cold brew coffee in case you needed a little boost after the avalanche of burgers and fries you've just inhaled.

Five Guys Singapore is now open.
68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #01-32, Tel: 6976 4385
Opening hours: 11am-10pm

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