#FirstClassFriday: Bowmore Mizunara Islay Single Malt Whisky

#FirstClassFriday: Bowmore Mizunara Islay Single Malt Whisky

Best of both worlds

Text: Angelyn Kwek

For the finest whisky money can buy, Bowmore Mizunara Islay Single Malt is the connoisseur’s choice

There are fine whiskies and then there's the Bowmore Mizunara, an Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky that's finished in exceedingly rare and highly-revered Japanese Mizunara oak casks — a combination that's a world's first. Produced in the oldest distillery in Islay, Scotland and matured in casks carved from 300-year-old Mizunara oak in Japan, the land renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, this singular whisky tastes like no other.

In an intense mix of peat smoke, sweet vanilla and citrus fruit tempered by the flavour of the Mizunara oak, the Islay Single Malt is simultaneously elegant and complex. A taste gives you a beautiful balance of Bowmore's signature peatiness with a mellow spiciness of vanilla and honey rose blossom immaculately mingled with cedar wood and exotic mango. This exquisite blend is the result of fiery Scots passion united with the distinct refinement of Japanese craft. It also reflects both countries' devotion to the whisky trade despite the divergence in culture and language.

FCF Bowmore Mizunara Whisky

With only 2,000 bottles available internationally, expect nothing less than the utmost prized exclusivity created by the most famed whisky islands. Demonstrating the perfect marriage between East and West, the Bowmore Mizunara Islay Single Malt is limited edition at its most covetable.

The Bowmore Mizunara Islay Single Malt is available exclusively at The Beam Cellar, 229 Mountbatten Road #01-03-07/ #01-17-19.