Now open for breakfast: Firebake serves up both Asian and Western delights in their refreshed menu

Now open for breakfast: Firebake serves up both Asian and Western delights in their refreshed menu

East side rules

Text: Janice Sim

Image: John Heng

It doesn't have to be one or the other

There are days when you just crave a kaya toast set. We're talking the complete bundle — two soft-boiled eggs on the side with a piping hot kopi-C. But then there are (most) other times, when we want nothing more than avo on toast, or an indulgent sandwich replete with protein, poached eggs and healthy greens. 

Often, we would love to have it all. Especially when your partner is craving Asian while you're hungry for scones. 

Firebake restaurant food bread breakfast

But unfortunately, that's not really how most cafés or coffee shops operate on our shores. Not until Firebake's latest announcement — the hottest woodfired bakehouse and restaurant down on East Coast Road has recently made breakfast an official thing, alongside extending their operating hours from the early morning till late into the night.

Helmed by chef-owner and baker Konstantino Blokbergen, bread still remains the heart of the cosy establishment, with brand-new morning bakes of Asian and Western offerings shuffled into the current menu.

Firebake restaurant food bread breakfast

Their morning set, consisting a charcoal-grilled, woodfired sourdough milk bun, two runny soft-boiled eggs and a cuppa kopi is an ode to our local breakfast favourite. If you want to mix it up, there's an option to upgrade your local coffee to a latte from Jimmy Monkey. We strongly encourage adding a side of their housemade Hainanese kaya to complete your meal — a delectable by-product hand-stirred for six hours over the stove.

Firebake restaurant food bread breakfast

Over on the Western spectrum, diners can choose from their avocado on toast, complete with poached eggs, dukkah and feta or a healthy medley of grilled vegetables layered between a white sourdough roll. If you're hungry for meat, go straight for their grilled steak sandwich — an indulgent stack featuring burnt onions and spicy harissa on the side.

Rushing off to work? Bag one of Firebake's Cheesymite (of cheese and vegemite) or just the Vegemite buns, and you'll be all set for the morning.  

237 East Coast Road, Tel: 6440 1228
Firebake is now open from 8.30am-10pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.