The Tasting Room at Esquina would like you to be part of their experimental creations

The Tasting Room at Esquina would like you to be part of their experimental creations

Your wish is their command

Text: Rachel Ng

Be the first to sample experimental creations and build a menu, suited to your own tastebuds

Esquina may be tucked away in a corner of Jiak Chuan Street, but its reputation for contemporary Spanish cuisine goes far and wide. With a whole inventory of creations up their sleeves, this Spanish tapas restaurant never fails to keep its customers on the edge of their seats. Their newest concept, The Tasting Room, will leave you even more impressed. For the first time ever, the culinary team will be roping you into their curation process — you'll be given a say in creating the flavours suited to your palate.   

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The Tasting Room is a concept built on Barcelona-born head chef Carlos Montobbio’s passion for culinary innovation and desire to interact with the guests of Esquina. Opening its doors to guests one Tuesday every month, this exclusive affair will feature a menu of dishes from Chef Montobbio’s “Little Black Book of Experiments”, giving Esquina’s devotees a first-hand opportunity to sample experimental creations by the culinary team, as well as provide feedback and share ideas on how they would like the dishes to be tweaked. Come back some time later and find perhaps a unique creation by Chef Montobbio and yourself.  Esquina, Mandarine, catalán cheese, raspberry LYO, dessert

Staying true to Chef Montobbio's culinary philosophy of "evolution", here are some things you can expect to see on the menu from this intimate night of feasting. There's fresh scallops from the Boston sea, elevated by a smoky sweetness from burnt onion sauce and a teaser of chorizo crumbs. One of our favourites is their beetroot dish; a perfect balance between the refreshing lightness of cherry vinaigrette and the creamy goodness of stracciatella cheese jazzed up with smoked walnuts and horseradish ice cream. Round up the palate party with the Mandarine, a delicate serving of orange sorbet nestled in caramelised orange peels, served with a dollop of fresh cheese and raspberry lyo. Each mouthful is packed with citrus power to give a for a zesty finish to your night. Hands down the best sorbet we’ve had.

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Not ready to stomach this elaborate line-up all at once? Their main menu offers equally note-worthy creations too. We highly recommend the pork jowl for mains, and the renowned BBC for dessert, a beer ice cream made with seasonal stouts and topped with banana and salted caramel. If you're a regular, try their signatures from their recently refreshed menu. A glorious decadent potato and truffle “gratin” and the cheeky braised saltbush lamb are just some of the highlights awaiting you.Esquina, BBC, dessert, beer ice cream, banana, salted caramel

The Tasting Room at Esquina is currently by-invite only, with a limited number of seats available for booking.

16 Jiak Chuan Rd, Tel: 6222 1616
Opening hours: 12pm-2.30pm (Tues-Fri), 6pm-10.30pm (Mon-Sat)