What kind of morning person are you?

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Whether you're an early achiever or a zen hunter, there's no better way to start the day than with a cup of Nespresso

Which of the following morning personalities are you?   

(a) A zen hunter who begins the day with quiet repose; 
(b) Late riser that treats the snooze button like a punching bag;
(c) Early achiever who gets to work even before the cleaners do; or
(d) Food connoisseur that whips up a mean breakfast worthy of a Masterchef finale?

Regardless of whether you're a morning Masterchef or staunch advocate for "just five more minutes", there's no better way to start the day than with a solid breakfast and a great cup of coffee. But forget cereal and milk. That's child's play. We're talking a nutritious and tasty meal accompanied with a long cup of Nespresso to really savour and relish the morning. 

To get you inspired, we spoke to three different Singapore personalities about their morning routines, how they like to drink their Nespresso, and revealingly, what breakfast recipes they recommend for a great kick start to the day.

What did we learn? No morning routine is complete without coffee. And with Nespresso, not only can you enjoy a quality brew in the comfort of your own home or office, but being easy and fuss-free to prepare, it means you have more precious time in the morning to embrace the day ahead. So whether you enjoy a creamy cappuccino, the punch of an intense long black, or like to sip your coffee on-the-go, Nespresso has you covered.   

Watch the video above for an insight into how three different morning personalities start their day.


What kind of morning person are you? (фото 1)

Morning personality: The Early Achiever
Breakfast recipe: Healthy chia seed pudding
Nespresso capsule of choice: Fortissio Lungo (with coconut milk)

Do you consider yourself a morning person? 
Yes, I do. I love waking up and having a full day ahead of me. Plus, I'm really sensitive to sunlight so no matter how late I sleep, once the sun is up, I'm up.

People view you as someone that is very centered. What do you do in the morning to start the day right?
That's nice to hear, finding balance is one of my life's mantras. I try to meditate first thing in the morning before I get dressed and ready for work. Then I prep and pack my breakfast, head into the office where I eat it, and review my meetings for the day.

How is coffee part of this morning routine?
I was a late bloomer with coffee and only actually started drinking it two years ago. Now I enjoy having a cuppa in the morning after breakfast as a way to ease into my work schedule; and also, to give me that little pep in my step when I need to buckle down and go through a zillion emails. 

How does your diet play a role in your approach to health and work?
Diet is probably one of the most important factors in well-being. It affects not just your physical body, but your mental state too. I think it's about balance and observing your body to know what it responds best to. My weakness is cake and chocolate, but I know too much sugar makes me sluggish and gives me breakouts so I keep that in check. Otherwise, I love starting the day with a healthy chia seed pudding.

Tell us how you make your chia seed pudding.
I soak chia seeds the night before in coconut water. The next morning, once its consistency is similar to a pudding, I top it up with fresh coconut milk, almond flakes and different types of fruit, like strawberries, blueberries and passionfruit. Give it a little mix and it's ready to eat! It's free of gluten and lactose, but still tastes delicious. 


What kind of morning person are you? (фото 2)

Morning personality: The Zen Hunter
Breakfast recipe: Smashed avocado and goat's cheese on toast
Nespresso capsule of choice: Envivo Lungo (black)

As a TV and sports presenter, do you have to get up early in the mornings?
Back when I was at university, I would make sure that I never scheduled any classes before lunchtime unless I really didn't have a choice. Besides, everyone knows that the good things at uni only happen at night anyway. But now that my job often requires me to be in the studio before sunrise, I've learnt to at least tolerate mornings, if not enjoy them. In fact, I'm even coming round to the idea that the earlier you wake up, the more hours you have left in the day to be productive — just don't let my 18-year-old self hear me say that!

For someone that is actively on-the-go, what do you do in the morning to start the day right?
The most important thing is to always allow myself enough time to eat a decent breakfast before heading out the door. I need to be at peak concentration when I'm in front of the camera, regardless of how early it is, and it can be pretty hard to focus if your stomach is making all sorts of weird noises. And part of that routine is to have that 20-minute window at the beginning of the day to also enjoy a coffee, collect my thoughts, and have some "me" time before things start getting really hectic.

How do you like to drink your morning coffee?
I've never really enjoyed drinking milk ever since it was forced onto us in kindergarten back in England. With that in mind, I usually go for a couple of espresso shots. If time permits, I'll have a strong black Lungo with avocado on toast mixed in with goat's cheese.

Can you share your avocado and goat's cheese recipe?
I simply mix half an avocado into a bowl with goat's cheese and the juice from half a lime. Just spread the mixture on some crusty wholemeal bread, lightly toasted for that crunch, and you're good to go. If you feel like a kick in the morning, add in some sliced red chillis to put a real zing into the day.


What kind of morning person are you? (фото 3)

Morning personality: The Food Connoisseur
Breakfast recipe: French toast with blueberry compote
Nespresso capsule of choice:
Vivalto Lungo (as a cappuccino)

What kind of morning person are you? 
Sleeping in used to be a way of life, but now that I'm running my own business, I'm motivated to wake up early and get started with my day. I love mornings now, and that's when I have the most energy!

What about the weekends? What do you do to start the day right?
I have a ritual I must follow in order to feel that my morning routine is complete. I make a proper coffee, as opposed to a quick double espresso on weekdays, with milk — so a cappuccino or latte — and savour the breakfast cooking process. There's something wonderful about cooking a beautiful breakfast. Time is a luxury these days, so when there's no one rushing you to a meeting, making a full breakfast with eggs to start the day is just glorious. And it is double the fun when I have friends or family over to prepare it for as well!

Do you drink your coffee as you make breakfast or after? 
Both. I usually have one while I'm cooking, and a macchiato again before lunch.

Please share your delicious French toast recipe with us.
I mix five whole eggs, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, a generous serving of honey, and a cup of milk into a bowl. I then soak slices of brioche or challah bread (slightly old or stale is best) into the mixture on both sides for a total of three minutes. Prepare a pan with coconut oil and unsalted butter (coconut oil helps reduce the burning point of butter and also gives a nice coconut flavour to the final dish), and fry your slices of bread until they are golden brown on each side.

For the berry compote, I bring blueberries and honey to a boil in a small saucepan for about three to five minutes, until the sauce starts to thicken, but before the skin starts to peel off. Then simply plate the French toast, top with the berry compote, and finish off with a dusting of icing sugar and cinnamon. Voila!

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