Drunken Farmer: A nomadic movement by Spa Esprit that teaches you the art of natural winemaking

Drunken Farmer: A nomadic movement by Spa Esprit that teaches you the art of natural winemaking

Au naturel

Text: Corinne Cheah

There's a new bar in town, but it isn't planning to settle down just yet. Instead, the nomadic Drunken Farmer is set to keep us on our toes — with a travelling natural wine bar concept. The latest venture by Spa Esprit Group, was conceptualised with the aim of spreading the goodness of natural wines, concealing an element of surprise as they reveal their next mystery location via Instagram.

Starting their journey at TBB Safari, you can look forward to wine labels that have been made with minimal chemical and technological intervention. But what makes natural wines stand out from the lot? They aren't just good for you — but for the environment as well. With no addition of additives and preservatives, they are deemed to be one of the cleanest and purest forms of wine with an abundance of antioxidants and resveratrol. No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used in the soil — building a cleaner and greener environment. If you are prone to awful hangovers the morning after, natural wines might just be your holy grail. Unlike conventional wines that usually contain added sugars, foaming agents and no fewer than 75 chemicals and additives, natural wines rely entirely on the environment. drunken farmer

The pop-ups will feature 90 labels that come from all over the world, with the likes of Australia, France and South Africa. Varieties include white, orange, red and bubblies. To accompany that tipple for the night, Drunken Farmer will be serving air-flown oysters, charcuterie and nutty cheeses alongside the wine. Guess we now know where we'll be spending our future TGIFs at. 

The Drunken Farmer will be based at TBB Safari for three months, opened every Wednesday to Friday, from 6pm-11pm. For more locations, follow Drunken Farmer on Instagram.