#BuroLive Episode 19: Design your own ice cream with The Ice Cream & Cookie Co

Mix and match

Text: Amelia Chia

Customise a gelato pint for your next party, event or movie night

Have you ever dreamt up food creations in your head and wish it could magically appear without you having to do anything at all? Or have lived your entire existence knowing that your preferred ice cream flavour doesn't exist?  The Ice Cream & Cookie Co is about to make your dessert fantasies a reality.

The local ice cream company has recently launched an online service which allows you to customise your own creamy gelato pint. You're the masterchef from the get-go — firstly, you select from a wide selection of flavours; then pick or design your own personalised packaging and lastly, decide which three mix-ins you want in your delectable concoction. There's one for every occasion, whether it's a birthday, wedding anniversary or hen's party. Our favourite? The breakup recovery kit, because there's nothing better than sending your best mate ice cream to soothe the heart and soul. It's time to get creative with your taste buds.

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