Three to try: Dehesa, Publico Ristorante, FiSK

Three to try: Dehesa, Publico Ristorante, FiSK

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Text: Amelia Chia Janice Sim Kimberly Kiong

Our shortlist of top eats and treats in town


If you're familiar with Dehesa, you'll know that offals and off-cuts have always taken centre-stage at chef-owner Jean Philippe Patruno's unconventional Spanish restaurant at North Canal Road. While their alternative cuts still exist for those with curious palates and a brave stomach, Chef JP (as he's affectionately known) has evolved the menu to be "strong in flavour and not in cuts". These bold, bright flavours scored top points from the folk at our dining table — starting with a giant red sweet prawn topped with caviar, both creamy and sweet all at once, and a generous serve of grilled octopus, spruced with a mouthful of potatoes and lard. For mains, order up the crispy braised pig head with capers and soft yolk — the meat is marinated with capers, then breaded, deep-fried and served crowned with egg yolk. Ignore the fact that you're eating animal offal, and let the rich, moist dish engulf your senses instead. Like your dessert a little boozy? The gin panna cotta, spruced with berry compote and crumble, is one that will finish things off on a sweet note. While the hit of alcohol might be a tad overwhelming for some, we're not complaining. — AC

dehesa, crispy pig head

12 North Canal Road, Tel: 6221 7790
Opening hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-11pm 

Publico Ristorante

Not to be mixed up with popular Italian bistro, Publico Deli, Publico Ristorante is the group's delightful new extension that opened its doors a month ago. With a menu dreamed up by executive chef Marco Turatti, expect hearty Italian carb-loving dishes and wood fired pizzas from Publico Ristorante's roaring twin pizza ovens. Fashioned like the al fresco piazzas dotting Italy's coastline, this is the ideal place to unwind with your closest crew on a Friday night. Start off with the restaurant's rendition of a calamari and cauliflower fritti, a light and crunchy appetiser served with a zesty lemon and caper aioli dip. Move on to a generous portion of lobster spaghetti, soaked in a tangy mix of cherry tomatoes, garlic, white wine. and chilli. Spice levels are manageable, so even those who can't take any sort of heat will be able to enjoy this. Feeling adventurous? Try the gorgonzola pizza — the Italian blue cheese doesn't overpower your senses, but instead complements the sweet combination of honey, mozzarella, and walnuts. No good night is complete without a sparkling glass (or two) of Bottega Gold Prosecco and in true Italian spirit, a scoop of gelato from the adorable Tekne'Italia gelato cart. — KK

pizza, publico

Level 1, 1 Nanson Road, Tel: 6826 5041
Opening hours: 6pm-11pm (Monday-Thursday), 6pm-midnight (Saturday), 1pm-11pm (Sunday) 

FiSK Seafoodbar & Market 

The perks of dining in a restaurant-market hybrid? The produce can't get any fresher than what's on your table. Lucky for us, FiSK Seafoodbar & Market doesn't display the wet market aesthetic that we're used to seeing. In fact, the place looks just as pleasant as any upscale restaurant. Born of Norwegian pride (FiSK in the native language means fish), the 44-seater space brings sustainable and healthy coldwater seafood direct from Norway to diners here in Singapore. The idea is to first get inspired by what you taste in the restaurant, before heading to the market to pick up everything you need to whip up at home. Everything you inhale in here is fresh beyond belief — their Greenland coldwater prawns on ice proved to be a delightful snack, while harvesting a sweet yet savoury roe within its tiny frame. FiSK also believes in doing as little as possible to the produce that they bring in, so as to let it shine for itself. Smoking techniques are expertly managed in-house — the smoked salmon was cured perfectly in a salt and sugar brine while the hot-smoked Greenland halibut let on a dreamy amalgamation of horseradish sauce, trout roe and lemon juice. Have room for dessert? Dig your spoon into a soft, creamy ice-cream made with salted uni and tapioca starch. We say it's an unusual concoction to leave you wanting more. — JS

fisk, uni

30 Stevens Road, #01-01, Tel: 6732 0711
Opening hours: 11.30am-7pm (Monday), 11.30am-4.30pm, 6pm-10pm (Tuesday-Saturday), 11.30am-7pm (Sunday) 

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