Cocktail bars in Singapore: What to drink at the city’s best speakeasies, lounges and watering holes

Cocktail bars in Singapore: What to drink at the city’s best speakeasies, lounges and watering holes

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Text: Evan Mua

It's safe to say that our city's bar scene is poppin' — and when that happens, one can get clouded with the overwhelming list of options. We're here to make things a little easier; drink wise, and its respective calorie count. These three tipples are on our list this week.

Milo Banana Rum-A, from Alley Bar

Estimated calorie count: 320

Alley Bar was perhaps best known as a mere happy hour watering hole, but their new cocktail menu is making us rethink that. The Milo Banana-Rum-A is a fascinating take on the popular milo cocktail their rendition introduces a deft fusion of milo with a fruity combination of maraschino cherry liqueur, rum infused with house-made banana bitters and orange reduction. What you get is an exquisite concoction that is bright and eloquently balanced, lacking any hint of cloyingness found in chocolate-forward milo cocktails.

Milo Banana-Rum-A will change your idea of milo cocktails

Harajuku Highball, from Operation Dagger

Estimated calorie count: 260

With head bartender Luke Whearty and his team leaving, it's truly the end of a glorious era. A personal favourite from the last menu of this era is this Harajuku Highball, comprising of distilled walnuts, quince tea kombucha and smoked pear. The amalgamation of these starkly different ingredients creates an enchantingly complex blend of flavours, caressing the tongue with a charming sweetness which gives way to a lingering fragrance and pleasant acidity. Topped with a piece of candied walnut, it is an absolute pleasure for the palate.

The Harajuku Highball is one of the last reminders of Luke Whearty at O.D.

Oaxaca Tonic, from El Mero Mero

Estimated calorie count: 177

El Mero Mero's new menu launch brings a whole slew of interesting new tipples. The benchmark for good Mexican drinks should involve mezcal, a drink synonymous with Mexico, and the Oaxaca Tonic is a promising indicator the mix of juniper-infused mezcal, juniper berries and premium tonic reminds of a really good gin & tonic. Whilst it feels all-so-familiar, the bolder flavours of the mezcal bestows an enthralling edge to the drink. That said, it is still as easy to drink as any G&T, even with the tweaks.

Oaxaca Tonic shows Mezcal can work with tonic too

*All calorie tabulations are derived from MyFitnessPal and are estimated per serving.

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