Cocktail bars in Singapore: What to drink at the city’s best speakeasies, lounges and watering holes

Cocktail bars in Singapore: What to drink at the city’s best speakeasies, lounges and watering holes

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Text: Marielle Solano

It's safe to say that our city's bar scene is poppin' — and when that happens, one can get clouded with the overwhelming list of options. We're here to make things a little easier; drink wise, and its respective calorie count. These three tipples are on our list this week.

Sakura Martini, from Jigger and Pony

Estimate calorie count: 177

Word on the grapevine is that the folks at Jigger and Pony have their martini game down pat. It isn't just that they've nailed the signature crisp of this King of Cocktails – they've gone even further by calling upon the flavours of Japan to create an incredibly unique, impactful concoction that comes in the form of the indelible Sakura Martini. Sure, they've got the dry vermouth component essential to any martini – but theirs is a special house-made sake vermouth starring shiso leaf and other exotic botanicals. And the gin they use isn't any old gin, either. A good serving of Roku gin features in the drink, so it guarantees every sip you take contains a beautiful medley of masterful Japanese malt, a bespoke unaged white spirit, and the imbued essence of fragrant preserved sakura.Jigger & Pony martinis

The Egg, from Operation Dagger

Estimate calorie count: 213

There's something about drinking well-mixed cocktails in a (literal) hideaway that just elevates the whole experience. Operation Dagger stays true to its speakeasy nature; naught but their symbol, which without prior knowledge would be unrecognizable and easily missed, marks their nondescript establishment in Ann Siang Hill. Venturing down the narrow, dank stairs to their place of business will take you to a hole in the ground that is basically mixology heaven. Ask the bartender for a glass of The Egg, and you'll see what we mean. Their cured egg yolk, vanilla and smoked hay liquor mixture is quite a sight for sore eyes, so risqué that wisps of smoke actually waft from it (although we know that's probably from the torched star anise it's poured over). Mystery adventure in finding the place, major hipster vibes, plus drinks that are both pretty and delicious? Count us in.Operation Dagger, The Egg cocktail

Serafin, from Tippling Club

Estimate calorie count: 251

For all the gastronomic experimentation done in the world of alcohol, we're still glad that we will always have the classics to fall back on. What better place to get a traditional fix than high-end bar Tippling Club? They may very much subscribe to the spirit of innovation, but we can't deny that they serve up a mean, classic Serafin. Have them mix you some of that blanco tequila, pear, and ginger soda, and you're set for a good night.Crispy Myrrh from Tippling Club

*All calorie tabulations are derived from MyFitnessPal and are estimated per serving.

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