Circuit breaker Phase 2: Dine-in rules and precautions of QR coded menus, reservation ethics, and more

Circuit breaker Phase 2: Dine-in rules and precautions of QR coded menus, reservation ethics, and more

Don't be a jerk

Text: Janice Sim

Post-circuit breaker phase 2, it still feels invigorating heading out to dine at a restaurant. The joy of conversations shared over meals — hot meals for that matter — and just being out within some normalcy. While restaurants are welcoming their respective streams of people, most of them are still reeling from the effects of COVID-19 alongside a reduced capacity for dine-ins with the restrictions of safe distancing set in place.

Well apart from supporting them with our business, there are other ways to alleviate the efforts and services that the F&B staff have put forward on the frontline. Moral of the story: be considerate and responsible as a customer. We're living in a vastly different time now in the midst of a pandemic so perhaps we, too need to move forward with the changes out there. Here are the ways your support can come in handy.

Be QR-ready

The system is as such; be ready with your devices before you enter the restaurant for a check-in. And now with an extra precautionary measure, most restaurants have implemented QR-coded menus to minimise contact with other diners. When that happens, abide by it. It's an extra mile that restaurants have taken to assure and protect the health and safety of their guests, so if anything, we ought to be more appreciative.

Honour your reservations

We get it. It might be hard getting a dinner spot on the weekends, but it should never be the case of making reservations at several restaurants just to safeguard a table. Plan in advance, and if not, make other plans where it doesn't lead to no-shows at a restaurant. Most establishments are already running at a lower capacity from safe distancing measures, hence they would have turned away walk-ins because of the stipulated reservations in place. Losses will be suffered overtime, hence by doing the right thing in honouring your reservation or calling in advance to cancel would make a good difference.

Brace yourself for deposits

Seguing from the reservation no-shows, deposits are increasingly becoming a measure for restaurants when it comes to booking in a table. Therefore paying an upfront small fee does sound reasonable if you are planning on honouring your reservation.

Be mindful of the 10.30pm rule

We've heard and read about the repercussions that some restaurants and bars had to suffer because alcoholic drinks were still seen at 10.30pm — which happens to be the current curfew. So the least we could do as customers is to be mindful of the time, think twice before taking on a last order that you might not be able to finish before time is up. While servers and restaurants staff are doing what they can to make sure this rule is abided, we can make their jobs easier by taking stock on our own.

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[SUSPENSION NOTICE] We have been ordered to close Moonstone indefinitely as of Saturday, 1045pm, 27 June 2020, and issued a fine of $1,000. We hope to share this message to all fellow FnB owners to not take the 1030pm alcohol ban lightly. There is no “grace period” allowed for customers to finish up with their last drinks on hand even if the order was served before 1030pm. The rule states strictly, no consumption on premise after 1030pm. This is a hard stop and no reasons are accepted by the enforcement officers. This was our mistake today. We make no excuses for it, but we are certainly disappointed at the outcome of the penalty. The best we can hope for is a shorter suspension. This was what went down in case you were wondering: We made our rounds for last orders at 10pm sharp. Had 2 orders and served our last drink at approximately 1010pm. We also began issuing all 22 open bills concurrently and this process took us alone 15-20mins, in between clearing the tables and advising customers to finish up and leave ASAP. “All unconsumed alcoholic beverages must be disposed of by 1030pm sharp”, this was the advice by the enforcement officer and hence we believe this is the standard across all FnB retail outlets. So once again, please take this seriously and close up earlier to be on the safe side. And to all our dear customers, we hope to ask for your understanding and please try your best to make things easy for our fellow FnB businesses who are still in operation. While we’ve tried our best to operate within the safety measures, this outcome is unfortunate and a much regrettable one. An extra 15 mins might not be a long time to you as customer, but it’s this same amount of time that will put the jobs and livelihoods of FnB workers on the line. Please help to share this important message as we certainly do not want to result in a full closure of FnB businesses as we have all experienced during the Circuit Breaker. Let us all do our part in this fight against the pandemic. Thank you for all the support and seeing us through the past 3 very difficult months. - Dailou & Unkle

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