Circuit breaker Phase 2: Dine-in precautions and health measures by Lo & Behold Group

Circuit breaker Phase 2: Dine-in precautions and health measures by Lo & Behold Group

Peace of mind

Text: Anna Aye

The future may have seemed murky when COVID-19 eradicated dine-ins for all F&B businesses in Singapore, and now we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Circuit breaker Phase 2 is well underway, since last Friday — which means we can finally sit at a restaurant with our long lost pals for a hot à la minute meal. But one thing is clear, while we're eagerly scrambling to get out there, the joyous reunions have to be done with precautions in place. The last thing we want is complacency.

The Lo and Behold Group (TLBG), which owns top of the line establishments like Odette, Kin, Tanjong Beach Club, Le Bon Funk, and many others, reveals a new suite of hygiene measures to ensure utmost safety upon reopening. After all, we can support our favourite restaurants better with the assurance that the strongest measures are in place. Here's what every other dining hotspot should be looking into this Phase 2...

New air purification services

Technology has helped us in countless ways during the pandemic, making working from home an easier endeavour, as well as ordering groceries to sustain us throughout the circuit breaker period. It's no surprise that Phase 2 will continue to rely on the use of technology to continuously aid our lives. TLBG's investment in new air purification technologies in their restaurants shows their dedication towards providing a safe, clean environment for your next epicurean adventure. The two systems they've employed include patented CerafusionTM Technology to sterilise air and surfaces naturally by generating active oxygen, and cutting-edge UV and photoplasma technologies to disinfect and enhance air quality. Diners, breathe easy and savour your post-circuit breaker meal.

Contactless services

Cashless payments have been catching up as of late — so Singaporeans should have no problem fully transitioning to contactless payments. All of TLBG's venues now exclusively practise cashless, contactless payments to facilitate faster service and increase contact hygiene. For those who are extra meticulous about safety, contactless curb side services are also offered, where a team member will place your takeaway order directly in your vehicle to reduce interaction.

A new menu experience

Your tech tools will continue to be your best friends. With minimal touch in mind, TLBG is revamping their ordering system, so expect to order directly from mobile, digital menus, and single-use menus as an added safety measure (and for peace of mind).

Unceasing cleaning and disinfection practices

In a bid to maintain high standards of hygiene for patrons, tables and chairs will be sanitised for each individual after each seating. Spaces will also be reconfigured in capacity and furniture arrangements to accommodate safe distancing at all times, including using additional signages and markers to remind people to respect each other's space. Rest assured that cleaning and disinfection have increased to at least once every hour, with additional focus on multiple high-touch surfaces like countertops, furniture handles, menus, payment machines, pens, mobile phones, laptops/iPads and bathroom areas.

On top of these extensive safety measures, they've also adopted the use of SafeEntry, as well as equipped their employees with personal protective equipment, including antimicrobial water-repellent masks, gloves and training. Masks and hand sanitisers are also available to anyone within the dining venues.

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