Chinese New Year: Inspired yu sheng creations

Chinese New Year: Inspired yu sheng creations

Year of the Monkey

Text: Denise Kok

From healthful concoctions to elaborate works of art, we take a look at how some chefs have reinvented this Lunar New Year classic

Jade restaurant's eight happiness gold rush yu sheng

jade restaurant yu sheng

What to expect: With Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng at the helm, expect no less than an artfully plated homage to the year ahead. This yu sheng dish sees classic salmon strips joined by tiny cubes of Champagne jelly, all plated against meticulously crafted calligraphic drawings. The use of peach dressing in this makes a playful nod towards the fruit of choice for this year's reigning zodiac animal.  

Great for: Impressing grandparents and business associates. 

Available from now till 22 February. Only dine-in orders are accompanied by calligraphic drawings. Tel: 6733 8388 


Summer Pavilion's sea whelk and salmon caviar yu sheng 

Summer pavilion

What to expect: If dining on raw salmon slices makes you nervous, you'll be relieved to find delightful bursts of salmon caviar in its place. The dish also turns the spotlight to chewy, flavourful strips of sea whelk that amp up this traditional yu sheng dish with their briny sweetness. Savour this dish along with exquisite Chinese teas from Tea Bone Zen Mind. 

Great for: Diners trying to balance their love for seafood against devastating cholesterol levels. 

Available from now till 22 February. Tel: 6434 5286 

Min Jiang at One-North's fruity yu sheng with bacon and white truffle oil

min jiang yu sheng

What to expect: With its abundant mix of mango, rock melon, strawberries, and vegetables, this dish ranked high on our five-a-day scale. That's until the crisp bacon strips appeared. How did they get there? It's not even the year of the pig. But does bacon need a reason to exist? No, it doesn't. So we welcome the crunch and additional depth of flavour it brings to this vibrant creation. An aromatic drizzle of white truffle oil gives this fruity yu sheng an unexpectedly savoury edge. 

Great for: Those looking for a healthy toss touched with a not-so-tiny bit of sin.

Available for dine-in only at Min Jiang at One-North from now till 22 February. Tel: 6774 0122  


Corner House's 'gastro-botanica' yu sheng

cornerhouse yu sheng

What to expect: An elegant reinterpretation of the traditional yu sheng that does away with all manner of preserved or artificially coloured ingredients. Instead, you'll find a colourful explosion fruit and vegetables adorned with edible flowers and edible gold leaf. Abalone, smoked Japanese flounder, and raw hamachi lend a luxe touch to this dish that's almost too pretty to toss. 

Great for: Jaded gourmands looking for a yu sheng dish to excite their palate.  

Available daily for dinner from 4 - 21 February 2016. A minimum three day pre-order is required for lunch. Tel: 6469 1000