Unique yusheng dishes to try this Chinese New Year

Unique yusheng dishes to try this Chinese New Year

Huat ah

Text: Annette Tan

Because now, more than ever, there is so much more to traditional lohei than raw fish and veggies

十全十美 (Shi Quan Shi Mei)

Blue Lotus Shi Quan Shi Mei Yusheng

The name of this dish translates to 'completely perfect' and taste-wise, it's close, imbued as it is with 20 ingredients including tea-smoked salmon, fried salmon skin, silver bait and nuts, all tossed in a lovely scallion-infused olive oil and wild honey yuzu dressing.

Available at Blue Lotus from 16 January to 11 February


Prosperity Amberjack Lo Hei

Min Jiang Prosperity Amberjack Lohei

Pearly slivers of amberjack are topped with shredded Japanese pickled turnips and a medley of crisp vegetables including wild rocket and yellow frisée. These are topped with fried sweet potato strips, baked cod, pine nuts, jelly fish and wasabi tobiko. Master chef Chan Hwan Kee, who created this dish, shows off his artistic flair by painting the serving platter with a beautiful image of a rooster standing against a bamboo forest.

Available at Min Jiang and Min Jiang at One-North from 12 January to 11 February 2017


Prosperous Health Yusheng

Crystal Jade Prestige Prosperous Health Yusheng

Taking the healthful aspects of yusheng up a notch, this rendition comes with Chinese herbal ingredients such as cordycep flowers, sweet lily bulb petals and Chinese yam. The elders will approve.

Available at Crystal Jade Prestige from 16 January to 12 February 2017


Queen's Yusheng

Antoinette Queen's Yusheng

Who says yusheng has be to served at the start of a meal? Antoinette's Queen's Yusheng is served in the form of a golden chocolate egg, which diners hack open with a mallet to unveil a tumble of shredded pineapple, Thai green mango, red dragon fruit and pomelo. Carefully arranged around the egg is a "nest" of chocolate coins, almonds, cashews, mandarin orange butter cake, meringue kisses, yam and sweet potato chips. Toss it all together with a dressing made of mandarin oranges, plums and gula Melaka, and your Lunar New Year meal ends on gloriously sweet note.

Available at Antoinette till 29 January 2017

Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yusheng

Mitzo Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yusheng

Why not dinner and a show? The sauce, made of soybeans, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds and a mix of spices, is shaken in a cocktail shaker tableside before it is poured over the vibrant mix of vegetables. Crispy vermicelli, lotus root, toasted pistachios and salmon skin give it all a jolt of happy crunch.

Available at Mitzo (cocktail shaker included when you take away) from 14 January to 11 February 2017