Celebrating your CNY reunion dinner at home? Here's how to elevate it

Lunar New Year

Celebrating your CNY reunion dinner at home? Here's how to elevate it
When it comes to whipping up a killer home-cooked meal, gourmet grocers make all the difference

Reunion dinners at restaurants can be a stressful affair. The entire family has to show up on time, choose from a set menu plying variations on the same theme, wolf down the meal, and make way for the second seating of diners just waiting to toss the next round of yu sheng. If you're planning to conjure your own eight-course meal or gather everyone around a hotpot this New Year, these gourmet grocers will be your lifesavers. 


Ryan's Grocery

Ryan's grocer

What they do: If you're looking for a gourmet butcher and grocer, these guys fit the bill perfectly. They procure their produce directly from a network of farmers and producers from Western Australia and Europe. 

Great for: Given that they are careful to bring in organic, gluten-free and preservative-free produce, folks with various dietary requires will find plenty of options to choose from. 

Order this: Chickens free of hormones and antibiotics are a rare sighting in supermarkets, but they are available here. They also stock Australian Wagyu (with a marbling score of 4-5) that's thinly shaved and ready to be cooked Shabu-Shabu style. A variety of marinated meats are available too for time-strapped cooks. 




What they do: This homegrown company imports the best of what Japan has to offer from the land and sea. Think top-notch produce that wouldn't look out of place at a fine Japanese restaurant. 

Great for: Discerning foodies who cannot and will not ingest pedestrian seafood fare like crab sticks and god forbid — fishcakes filled with processed cheese. You'll find plenty of fresh seafood here to elevate your hotpot. 

Order this: The Luxe Foodie Party Set packs in lobsters (they come to you alive and kicking), king crab legs, tiger prawns, sashimi-grade scallops, and the icing on the cake — creamy licks of uni. 

Text: Denise Kok

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