Chinese New Year 2020 reunion dinner ideas: Singapore's best yu sheng, steamboat delivery, and more

Chinese New Year 2020 reunion dinner ideas: Singapore's best yu sheng, steamboat delivery, and more

Fake it till you make it

Text: Amelia Chia

The countdown begins — it's exactly one week to reunion dinner night and you have no clue what to put on the table. It's usually your mum's job, but she's off on a cruise this year, leaving you with the hard task of hosting your relatives. There's hope yet, because we live in one of the most resourceful cities in the world. From home deliveries of all kinds, to a surprising mindset shift amongst Singaporeans, here's how you can move four steps closer to perfecting that reunion.

1. Impress with a gourmet steamboat feast, without the preparation work

Who doesn't love a good old traditional steamboat meal to kick off the Chinese New Year festivities? It might be warm outside, but it doesn't mean our tummies shouldn't be filled with warmth inside. Thanks to ingenious steamboat delivery services, such as Mr Steamboat and Hotpot Master, you can easily impress without hours of laborious preparation. Hotpot Master also offers an efficient table setup and cleaning services after your party — more time on mahjong and less time on cleaning up seems like a fantastic deal.

Steamboat delivery sounds like a fine idea

2. Be a trendsetter and treat your family to Japanese or Thai food instead

Google's insights have revealed a new trend amongst Singaporeans. While it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of locals are looking to dine outside for their reunion dinner, it seems that people are also open to other cuisines, such as Japanese or Thai food. So, if you're at your wits' end and are about to nervous dial a restaurant for a reservation this late in the game, try other Asian eateries instead. You might actually be able to hold a decent conversation, and be labelled a trendsetter at the same time. Keyaki at Pan Pacific Singapore and Sabai Fine Thai are some of our favourites on this island.

3. Elevate your dinner with yu sheng from yi by Jereme Leung

There are a handful of brilliant yu sheng platters to pick from, but Chef Jereme Leung's has our vote this year. Perhaps it's his homecoming — after 17 years in China, opening multiple restaurants and starring as a judge on MasterChef China — and an excellent new restaurant, yi by Jereme Leung, that adds to his allure. Leung's yu sheng is tied beautifully together with a delicious Yunnan rose dressing, and comes with a choice of delicate smoked salmon or fleshy live lobster. Each platter will feed a group of seven to 10 people nicely.

The Fortune Yu Sheng with Smoked Salmon and Yunnan Rose Specialty Dressing is priced at $168++ and the Prosperity Yu Sheng with Asian Live Lobster and Yunnan Rose Specialty Dressing is priced at $198++. For takeaway orders, please click here or call +65 6412 1331. Only self-collection is available and a minimum of two days of notice is required before the collection date.

Alcohol delivery could be your party saviour

4. If all else fails, inebriate the relatives so they believe it's the best party ever

Alcohol delivery is all the rage, and your relatives will probably think it's ingenious. From Ring to Drink, which offers 24/7 delivery, to Alcohaul or 6 Drunk Men, there are plenty of options for you to pick from. The more, the merrier — it'll help everyone forget about the lack of food or other potential misgivings. Family can be hard to please, but copious amounts of drinks could be the answer.

Find out which hotpot places stay open during Chinese New Year here.

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