Chinese New Year 2019: Best yusheng platters available for takeaway this year

Chinese New Year 2019: Best yusheng platters available for takeaway this year

Prosperity toss

Text: Corinne Cheah

Arguably the highlight of every Chinese New Year celebration, the ceremonial yusheng brings together the young and old in the family. We huddle around the table armed with chopsticks, all ready to grab a chunk of whatever we can get and toss it as high as possible. The result? A colorful mess with strands of shredded vegetables lying at every corner of the table  and fingers crossed — we come out a lot luckier. There's also the more important part that follows; actually digging into the prosperous aftermath. So in light of that, we're trading our subpar sashimi slices and overtly sweet/sour dressings for these delectable game changers. Hungry for uni, anyone? 

Cassia at Capella Singapore

Capella Singapore gained international spotlight last year when the Kim-Trump conference was held at the hotel — so much so that their website crashed on that fateful day. But in our opinion? Cassia's premium yusheng should gain traction this year with the ubiquitous addition of black truffle and a homemade passion fruit dressing. The smoky blend of truffle is balanced out with a good tinge of tart. Cassia

The premium yusheng will be available for takeaway via email until 19 February 2019. 

habitat by honestbee 

Despite what the Chinese zodiac might suggest, you can be sorted as a unicorn — habitat by honestbee's yusheng is proof of that. Alongside the usual ingredients, three types of sashimi will be included: swordfish, hamachi, and salmon. All this, while accompanied with a piquant plum and yuzu sauce with candied bacon. We repeat, candied baconHonestBee

habitat by honestbee's yusheng is available for takeaway (to be pre-ordered a day in advance) via email until 19 February 2019. 

Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore 

The award-winning Cantonese restaurant introduces their prosperity yusheng that is of close relevance to the Year of the Pig. Aside from your typical ingredients, seafood such as abalone and Hokkaido scallops are added with a homemade apple sauce made from apple purée providing a sweet yet not overpowering accent to the entire dish. A secret ingredient of local origin — shallot oil is also thrown in, which imparts a subtle but familiar flavour. Something tells us this one will sit well with the in-laws. MFY

Man Fu Yuan's Yu Sheng is available for takeaway via online until 19 February 2019. 


Just like hitting a non-suspended piñata, Antoinette's Queen's yusheng invites diners to crack the gold chocolate egg, revealing a medley of fruits such as pineapple, Thai green mango, red dragon fruit and pomelo. Unlike the other options, this creation will hit the sweet spot. Along with other indulgent treats of chocolates, almonds, cashews, mandarin orange butter cake, meringue kisses, yam and sweet potato chips, finish the platter with a mandarin orange, gula melaka dressing and plum dressing. Fit for a royal, indeed. Antoinette

The Queen's Yu Sheng is available for takeaway with three days advanced notice. 

Uni Gallery

Uni Gallery's uni and caviar sashimi platter is the one to get if you are out to impress this Chinese New Year. Featuring heavyweight unami toppings like rich and creamy uni, Polanco caviar, ikura and a variety of sashimi such as salmon, kampachi (amberjack) and mekajiki (swordfish), there isn't anything in this platter that says subtle. For those who prefer a pared-down version, the sashimi yusheng platter is available. Uni Gallery

Uni Gallery's yusheng is available for takeaway via the online store until 20 February 2019.  

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