Chef Sun Kim of Meta, Kimme and Thevar shares his favourite dining spots

Chef Sun Kim of Meta, Kimme and Thevar shares his favourite dining spots

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Text: Sun Kim

Editor: Janice Sim

These days I'm busy with juggling my time between Meta, Kimme and Thevar, which is the newest restaurant in the Meta Group serving modern Indian grill cuisine. Outside of work, I always make sure that I get enough quality to spend with my wife as she often travels. When she's not around, I'll hit the gym to keep fit, as well.

A hawker stall I would queue for is Golden Mile Food Centre Hokkien Mee. I used to stay around that area for a couple of years, and that stall became my go-to whenever I crave good food.

I'm a regular at Thevar. I'm a fan of big, hearty flavours with lots of spice. This is what chef Mano does wonderfully, and each bite I have always has me craving for a second one immediately.


When I need to eat clean, I go to Nam Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant. I like how it's prepared traditionally over charcoal with very fresh ingredients. This gives the steamboat a really clean and deep flavour.

My favourite bar in Singapore is Bar at Waku Ghin. It was the first bar I went to when I first arrived in Singapore. I really enjoyed sitting at the counter and watching the bartenders prepare each cocktail with care and precision. My two favourites there are the mojito and G&T.

Bar at Waku Ghin

My guilty pleasure is McDonald's. I used to always order the Big Mac, upsized, whenever I go. But after I've tried the Prosperity Burger, it's my new favourite burger.

My go-to supper spot is Sichuan Village along Mosque Street. Whenever I have friends from abroad visiting in Singapore, I always bring them there. The spice and seasoning really hits the spot, especially after a long day of hard work. 

For weekend brunch with friends, I enjoy going to Two Men Bagel House during the weekends. It's probably not a surprise, but my favorite is the Bo-Ssam Bagel. 

Two Men Bagel House

My favourite place to get Korean food is Kimme, an innovative modern bistro that offers intelligent Asian fare with Korean touches. The food that chef Louis Han presents on the menu is a very balanced take on Korean food, and is ultimately, very tasty.

The best place to get a meal with seafood is Sushi Kimura. It is hands down the best experience you can get in a sushi-ya with chef Kimura's skills and friendliness.

For special occasions, I would head to Beni. My wife and I enjoy the clean, yet umami flavor profiles whenever we are there. It's an intimate fine dining experience without having an uptight atmosphere. 


My all-time favourite restaurant is Andre. It's hard because I've had tasted amazing food in so many other restaurants. However, when I went to Andre, the whole dining experience blew me away and it still stays in my mind now.

My favourite farm in Singapore is Citizen Farm. I always enjoy heading there with my team, and to take a look around at what new things they are working on. 

I grew up eating kimchi soup, which my mom makes it with her two-year-old kimchi. Aging the kimchi gives it a deeper and more umami flavor, which only makes her soup even tastier when she cooks it. 

For dining with family, I love entertaining in my own house. Ever since I've had my own place, I really enjoy having family and friends over to cook for them. I never get tired of preparing food for people I love. 

The food scene in Singapore is vibrant and exciting. Things are constantly changing and nothing stays stagnant. It's great because it keeps everyone on their toes to constantly improve themselves.

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