Chef Petrina Loh of Morsels' favourite dining spots

Chef Petrina Loh of Morsels' favourite dining spots

Because F&B insiders know best

Text: Petrina Loh

Editor: Janice Sim

These days I'm busy with a new spring summer menu that we've just launched at Morsels. Now that we're done with World Gourmet Summit, I'm doing a fundraiser dinner with singer-songwriter Inch Chua for climate change and sustainability. A cookbook project is also underway. 


A hawker stall I would queue for is Tai Hwa Pork Noodle at Crawford Street, but I haven't in a while. The longest I stood in line was an hour and 45 minutes. I ate it since I was a kid, even when they were at Marina Square in the 1990s — it was a sunday ritual with my parents. 

I'm a regular at Lengkok bahru Blk 58 bak chor mee.

When I need to eat clean, I go for Japanese sashimi or sushi, and stray from meats. 

My favourite bar in Singapore is The Other Room. 

The Other Room

My guilty pleasure is drinks. wine, sake, and beer. It's always nice to have a tipple or two. 

My go-to supper spot is Ah Heng carrot cake and oyster omelette. If I had a hard week and needed quiet time, I'll head to Keria at Cuppage's B1. 

For weekend brunch with friends... only if I get Sunday off, then we'll go for dim sum.

The craziest thing I cooked was this wasabi feast, with wasabi that I had procured from Alishan many years ago. It was super pungent. This was prior to cooking professionally.

The best place to get a meal with seafood is JB Ah Meng. I love his white pepper crab, chao ta (charred) bee hoon and lala. 

JB Ah Meng

For special occasions, I enjoy a nice Japanese omakase with sake. Food and drinks in general. 

My all-time favourite restaurant is a hard one to answer. In Singapore, I still enjoy Meta a lot. I like Nagomi too. State Bird Provisions in San Franciso is still one of my favourite places in the world. 

Petrina Loh

My favourite farm in Singapore is Kuhlbarra. I've been there several times. We work closely together and I really like what they are doing. They open my eyes to the possibility of farming in Singapore. 

I grew up eating a meal of three vegetables and one soup, just like any typical Chinese family.  My favourites would be tau yew bak (pork belly in soya sauce) and kiam chye ap (salted vegetables duck soup).

For dining with family, I love to have shabu shabu at home or steamboat. 

The food scene in Singapore can be stagnant. But I still love hawker food a lot. Especially the old-school haunts.